INDUSTRY NOTICE – 22/23 Stallion Registration Data

14 June 2024

The 2022/23 Breeding Season saw the advent of restructured Stallion Registration processes and associated Fees managed by Harness Racing Australia (HRA) for the first time.

In total, 177 Stallions registered for the Season.  Of these, 119 were Pacing Sires and 58 Trotters.  Of these, 24 (or 20%) of registered Pacing Stallions were subjected to additional Registration Fees, which were invoiced to Studs in May 2024 based on Live Foal returns.

As at 14 May 2024, when invoices were issued, there were 1011 live foals recorded from Australian services that were subject to the fee, however, this number is likely to increase as the mare returns continue to be updated due to late notifications.

To date, HRA have invoiced $920, 944.34 (ex. gst) in Stallion Registration Fees, which is eerily close to the anticipated and budgeted figure.

Total Mares Served in the period was 4611, a reduction of 3.5%.

While this continues the declining trend in the number of mares served, the foal crop utilisation (percentage of foals actually having a start) data continues in the opposite direction, increasing from less than 48% of foals born pre-National Ratings System, to 59.1% in 2023.  A more than 10% increase in utilisation and a 16% increase in individual winners since the 2016/17 racing season.


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