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Intellectual Property

This website is a shared facility of the State controlling bodies, Harness Racing Australia and the Clubs around Australia. All material on this website is the intellectual properties of one or more of these bodies.

It may not be copied or re-transmitted except with express approval. 


Website Publishing Policy –

Policy Document – National Website Publishing Procedures

This policy document outlines the procedures regarding the publishing of News Articles on

Direct publishing rights to the News Articles section of is provided in good faith for the promotion of harness racing in Australia. The integrity of the news articles on national website is paramount and it is important that users of this feature do so with this in mind.

Publishing Rights

Direct publishing rights shall only be granted by RISE to the state controlling bodies of Harness Racing in Australia, in addition to Harness Racing Australia. Direct publishing access will not be provided to any outside parties.

Management & Review

The management of RISE Pty Ltd have full discretion in their review of published news and may at any time edit or remove news articles as it sees fit.

In the event of news being published that is not appropriate, written warnings will be provided and action may be taken including the revoking of publishing rights.

News Categorisation

The news section of is split into the following categories:

  • Top Stories
  • Racing Office
  • Industry News
  • Stewards Wrap

A general indication of what is appropriate in each category is listed below, however it is imperative that the author judges the appropriateness of the news article in selecting in the category of the news. The management of RISE may, in its discretion re-allocate news stories, where appropriate.

Top Stories: Articles of this category are reserved for material and important harness racing news, for example, feature racing in Australia, upcoming racing and racing reviews. Top stories shall be racing related only and/or major harness racing news.

Racing Office: News of this category shall only be in relation to updates with respect to racing and handicapping articles.

Industry News: News of this category must be industry related, including track, state, club and event natured news including yearling sale details and all other news that is not deemed to be a ‘Top Story.’

Stewards Wrap: Integrity matters shall only be published.

Content Categorisation

The content published on is split into the following categories:

  • Informational
  • Promotional

Informational content: Includes articles that are intended to share general information about the harness industry and its partners.

Promotional content: Includes articles that market a product and company. Promotional content is tagged as “Promotional”, “Sponsored” or “Marketing Content” in order to clearly highlight the nature of the article. This type of content is not to be used more than three (3) times per week by one single entity, ensuring provides a good mix of promotional and informational content.

All promotional content will be subject to a fee reflective of the amount of time taken to process each request. This fee will be charged by RISE Pty Ltd for curating, categorising, uploading and maintaining activities associated to each article.

Advertorial Content & External News Publishing

Material that is clearly advertorial in nature will be considered Promotional Content and will be subject to this policy.

It is acknowledged that details of events that are not directly state controlling body events or HRA activities may be promotional in nature.

Accordingly, updates and news of a material nature generated by RISE, state controlling bodies and HRA, in relation to external events (for example yearling sales and external non-racing events) will be accepted and will only be published to Industry News.

Items of this nature must be sent to and will be considered for publication if it is deemed appropriate.

News of this nature must be directly related to the event and must not be repetitive or clearly an advertisement of services. Publishing of this news will be granted on the discretion of RISE management.

For additional information, please contact RISE management via