FAQs for harness.org.au

Can't see form, trainer, driver or stewards' comments? Turn your phone to landscape mode (on its side)

Q: Why have we changed www.harness.org.au?

A: The new site will enable new and enhanced features to be added that weren't possible with the old site, whilst also providing faster response and better security. The last major change was back in February 2008. To relive the past, check the website from the 16th February 2008 here: https://web.archive.org/web/20080216153803/http://www.harness.org.au:80/

Q: Why are some pages the old style?

A: Work is still being done to migrate all pages to the new sites layout. Priority has been given to the most visited pages, but all pages will be migrated shortly once they are fully tested.

Q: Where are the new features?

A: Initially there won't be too many new features on the new site (other than the adaptive layout - see below) and results showing on the fields page as they're entered. The main aim has been to ensure that the new site is stable and provides the same information as the old one. New features will be rolled out as they are tested and verified. There are a lot of things on the go, for a sneak peak visit https://beta.harness.org.au and see what we're up to. Note that as this is a testing site, so there may be times when things don't work 100% If you find something not working, let us know

Q: What screen resolutions are supported by www.harness.org.au?

A: www.harness.org.au uses Adaptive Web Design to deliver the best experience, depending on the size of the screen in use. Mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) can be rotated to landscape mode to see more information. An option to see the "desktop" view on mobile devices is coming.

Q: I have forgotten my password - how can I retrieve it again?

A: Visit this link and enter your email address.  Your username and password will be sent to your email address.

Q: I have changed my email address - how can I update my details?

A: Log in to the Blackbook, then select "Update Account Details".  This will update your email address for all areas of www.harness.org.au.

Q: I can't read the text - it is too small

A: Make sure your browser isn't below 100% zoom. On mobile devices, use pinch and zoom.

Q: What browsers are recommended by www.harness.org.au ?

A: For best results www.harness.org.au recommends the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge is included with Windows 10 and automatically updates.

Users with old versions of browsers, may experience difficulties with the site. 

Javascript should also be switched on for the best user experience.

Q: Why is a race replay/photo finish photo missing (race or trial)?

A: All race replays and photo finish photos are uploaded/linked by each state. Please contact the relevant state if you find something missing.

Q: Why do TAS race replays open in a new window?

A: Tas Racing host their videos on a separate site, meaning they can't be played within the player on harness.org.au. This will also be the case for some states' trials as well.