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Australasian Grand Circuit

Pacers Grand Circuit:  

2015 Australian Pacing Gold
Grand Circuit Champion

330 Points
Results:   Pacers     Points
2014/2015 Pacers Series Dates           

Trotting Masters:

2015 Australian Pacing Gold
Trotting Masters Champion
365 Points

Results:  Trotters     Points

2014/2015 Trotting Masters Dates


Feature Races


Pacers Trotters

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Inter Dominion


              2015 Inter Dominion - Perth, WA

             Qual Heats: 27 Nov, 1 & 4 Dec 2015

           Grand Final: Sun 13 December 2015

                 2014/2015 Feature Race Calendar  



Inter Dominion Hall Of Fame

Recognising outstanding achievement in Inter Dominion Championships ...... Read More
Im Themightyquinn's Hall Of Fame Honour ....


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