Mr Dean Chapple - Inquiry Conducted

19 April 2024

On Wednesday 17 April 2024 Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) Stewards conducted an Inquiry in relation to a report from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory (ARFL) that Meloxicam was detected in the pre-race blood sample taken from CAYMANGONE prior to race 2, the WEST TAMWORTH LEAGUE CLUB PACE (1609 metres) conducted at Tamworth on Thursday 21 September 2023.

The ‘B’ sample was confirmed by Racing Analytical Services Limited in Victoria.

Licensed Trainer Mr Dean Chapple was present and provided evidence to the Inquiry. In addition, the Certificates of Analysis and evidence from HRNSW Regulatory Veterinarian Dr Martin Wainscott were presented to the Inquiry.

Mr Chapple pleaded guilty to two (2) charges issued by the HRNSW Stewards pursuant to Australian Harness Racing Rules as follows:

Charge 1-                  Issued pursuant to AHRR 190 (1), (2) & (4).

AHRR 190.  (1)  A horse shall be presented for a race free of prohibited substances.

(2)  If a horse is presented for a race otherwise than in accordance with sub rule (1) the trainer of the horse is guilty of an offence.

(3)  If a person is left in charge of a horse and the horse is presented for a race otherwise than in accordance with sub rule (1), the trainer of the horse and the person left in charge is each guilty of an offence.

(4)  An offence under sub rule (2) or sub rule (3) is committed regardless of the circumstances in which the prohibited substance came to be present in or on the horse.

Charge 2-                  Issued pursuant to AHRR 194 (a), (b) & (c).

AHRR 194.  A person who:

(a)  Procures or attempts to procure;

(b)  Has in his possession or on his premises or under his control;

(c)  Administers or attempts to administer;

any substance or preparation that has not been registered, labelled, prescribed or obtained in compliance with relevant State and Commonwealth legislation is guilty of an offence.

HRNSW Stewards issued the following penalties:

Charge 1:                  2 years disqualification to commence immediately.

Charge 2:                  6 months suspension to be served concurrent to Charge 1.

In considering penalty Stewards were mindful of the following:


  • Mr Chapple’s 2nd prohibited substance matter;
  • Class 3 Prohibited Substance;
  • The circumstances of this matter;
  • Mr Chapple’s personal, financial and professional subjectives;
  • Mr Chapple’s guilty pleas;
  • Mr Chapple’s involvement in the harness racing industry, including as a licensed person for approximately 39 years;
  • Mr Chapple’s harness racing offence record;
  • HRNSW Penalty Guidelines.

Acting under the provisions of AHRR 195, CAYMANGONE was disqualified from the abovementioned race.

Mr Chapple has appealed the decisions of the HRNSW Stewards.


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