QLD - Changes to Education Trials (effective August 1 2024)

05 April 2024

Effective August 1, 2024, named horses only will be accepted into education trials.

Education Trials will become known as Green Trials from the above-mentioned date and will be drawn in the same manner as any official barrier trial therefore will be included in the same set of trial fields once drawn.

The Green Trials will be conducted in the same manner as Education Trials are currently with the following additions:

  • each horse will wear a number. (for identification purposes only)
  • will be timed.
  • a result recorded.

Opportunities for standing start green trials for juvenile trotters will also be maintained.

For clarity whilst a saddlecloth number is required to be worn for identification purposes in a Green Trial there is no expectation for a horse to line up behind the mobile or strands in barrier draw order.

Numerous efficiencies and benefits will be achieved by including ‘Green Trials’ in the trial fields such as:

  • Clarity of advertised start time.
  • All trials advertised together as one.
  • Removes the need to place education trial fields in a different place to the barrier trial fields on the website.
  • Clearer identification of horses (when numbers are worn).
  • Ability to identify driver.
  • Easier to identify horses that need to be inspected.
  • More efficient for staff to process fields, results and fees.
  • The ability to record an actual result.
  • Ability to attach a video of the education soon after the trial rather than wait a couple of days.

Each horse is expected to start in the Green Trial advertised with no opportunity to swap to another heat.

From August 1, 2024, nominations for unnamed horses will be refused.


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