SA Stewards - N Tardio - Prohibited Substance

21 February 2024

Resumption Inquiry on Wednesday 21st February 2024 of Trainer- Nick Tardio (Come On Sloopy) which was adjourned Wednesday 7TH February 2024.

Stewards Panel.

T.T. Styles, S.Ewen, D. Southgate.

At the commencement of the hearing Mr. Tardio pleaded not guilty to the charge of presenting Come On Sloopy to race at Globe Derby Park on 6th November 2024 in Race 6 The SA Pony Trots Pace when not Free of Prohibited Substance Trendione, 17a-Trenbolone and 17B-Trenbolone.

Stewards found Mr. Tardio guilty as charged because the report from RASL, Come On Sloopy was presented to race with a Prohibited Substance and therefore breached the rule.

The Stewards having previously reserved their decisions in respect to invoking AHRR 195 and AHRR  190 AA (4) (a) have disqualified Come On Sloopy as the winner of the race and placings be amended accordingly with all prizemoney affected repaid to HRSA.

In accordance with AHRR 190 AA (4) (a) Come On Sloopy is not permitted to start in any race or be used for the purpose of breeding prior to the 6th of November 2024 until the requirements of AHRR 190 AA (4) (a) (b) are fully complied with.

Following submissions from Mr. Tardio and giving due consideration to the plea of not guilty, to Charge 1 his previous record for presentation offences with prohibited substances and HRSA Policy Stewards imposed the following penalties.

Charge 1. AHRR 190 (1),(2) and (4) Fined $5,000.

Charge 2. AHRR 190 B (1) (2,3 and 4) Fined $250.

Further in accordance with AHRR 310 (1) Mr. Tardio was directed to pay $500 towards the cost for confirmatory analysis of the sample.

Mr. Tardio was advised his appeal rights against the decisions of Stewards.


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