Arrival Times - 2021 Inter Dominion Heats & Finals

25 November 2021

Trainers with horses engaged in the heats and finals of the 2021 Inter Dominion Series (Pacers & Trotters) are advised that those horses are required to be presented in the stabling area of the racecourse no less than 2 hours (120 minutes) prior to the scheduled start time of the respective race.

Any horse not presented in accordance with that requirement will be provided a fifteen (15) minute extension period. Any horse not presented following a fifteen (15) minute extension period shall be withdrawn by Stewards for late arrival regardless of the circumstances of the late arrival and the trainer will be subject to penalties for non-compliance.

In relation to the Inter Dominion heats being conducted at Bathurst on Wednesday 1 December 2021, Trainers are advised to allow extra travel time as traffic may be heavier than normal as a result of the motor sports being conducted at Mount Panorama from Tuesday 30 November 2021.

Bathurst Showground Stabling – Trainers who wish to travel earlier or stay overnight in Bathurst can reserve stabling at the Bathurst Showground through HRNSW at no cost by contacting Brett Scelly at HRNSW by Friday 26th November 2021.


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