NSW: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Regional Horses Racing at Saturday Metropolitan Menangle Meetings

24 September 2021

Trainers from regional areas of NSW will be permitted to nominate horses which due to the NR rating of the horse have restricted opportunities in the respective Regions for Saturday Night Metropolitan Menangle meetings effective from the meeting scheduled for Saturday 2nd October 2021.

To best protect Regional areas the following protocols have been put in place:

  • Horses must be driven by drivers from the same region as the trainer.
  • Stablehands must be from the same region as the trainer they are assisting
  • Trainers will be segregated into designated stabling areas to correspond with the region that they are from which may not be in the main race stalls building.
  • Any Licensee attending a Metropolitan meeting must email the result of a negative COVID test to stewards@hrnsw.com.au undertaken within a 7 day period prior to the race meeting.
  • A negative COVID test result must be submitted to stewards@hrnsw.com.au before attending any Trials or Race meetings in their Region following the Menangle meeting.
  • Any person attending Menangle must as a minimum, have had at least your first COVID-19 vaccination or any other requirements as per NSW Health Regulations.
  • Travel permits and relevant documents must be obtained by the trainers and submitted to HRNSW Stewards stewards@hrnsw.com.au 48 hours prior to the meeting in accordance with Government COVID-19 Regulations to support the travel to Menangle Park. (Campbelltown LGA).
  • Any Regional Licensee attending Menangle will be subject to NSW Health Orders when returning to their respective regional areas.

Trainers are advised that these HRNSW protocols may change without notice in accordance with NSW Health Orders.

Any enquiries should be made to HRNSW Stewards on 9722 6655 or email stewards@hrnsw.com.au

HRNSW management reminds all industry participants of the available industry support program.


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