HRA Announce Change to National Ratings Based Handicapping System

16 June 2021

The Members of Harness Racing Australia (HRA) have today voted to make an amendment to the National Ratings Based Handicapping System.

Rating of Horses outside the National Rating System

Effective 17 June 2021, changes will be made to the ratings of horses that race in Australian jurisdictions outside of the ratings system (i.e. Western Australia).

Rule 9 of the Australian Handicapping Rules will read:


9A.1        The National Rating of a horse rated NR50 or less, or NR35 or less for a 2YO, that races under these Rules on or after 17 June 2021 shall not decrease for performances within an Australian jurisdiction that is not regulated by these Rules.

Example 1:

The minimum NR for a horse that has only ever raced in Western Australia is NR50 or NR35 for a 2YO.

Example 2:

A horse rated NR47 that goes to race in Western Australia then returns to race in the Eastern States would be rated not less than its original NR47.

Horses that have exclusively raced in Western Australia and have a rating lower than 50 or 35 of two year old’s, their rating will revert up to these benchmarks on 17 June.

The rating of horses that have started in any race in states bound by National Handicapping Rules will remain as they are.

Horses will continue to accrue ratings points for performances in WA as per the matrix, subject to the above rule.

Consideration may be given to horses who have a valid stable return processed prior to the date of implementation that are in ratings state – those who feel they may be affected can contact Cameron Brown by email on

The Australian Handicapping Rules may be found here:


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