Can't see form, trainer, driver or stewards' comments? Turn your phone to landscape mode (on its side)


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Check below for new features, resolved issues and things currently being worked on. These will be updated regularly.


New Features\Try This

  • The new site uses adaptive technology, meaning that it will adjust the layout to best suit the display of the device you are using.
    • Rotate your phone\device for more information, including:
      • Race Fields\Results: Trainers and drivers show in landscape
      • Race Fields: Class of horse shows in landscape
      • Results: Stewards comments show in landscape
  • Race Fields: Race Results appear on the Race Fields page as results are entered
  • Home Page: On desktops, the banner image at the top of the page can be hidden - look for "Hide Image" in the top-right corner of the image. Your preference is remembered per browser.
  • Tracks: New track detail pages - check under: Racing-Tracks
  • Meeting Calendar: Lists past meetings and easy month to month navigation
  • Results: The drop-down to select a year only goes back 10 year. If you select 2007 then open the drop-down list again, the previous 10 years will show and so on.
  • Mobile View: When on a phone\mobile device, an option to display the full desktop version is available in the footer. While this isn't the recommended view, it is an option for those that want to use it.


Resolved Issues

  • Results: Sex of winner not displaying
  • Menu: Issue in Internet Explorer with some menus not displaying properly
  • Results: Stewards abbreviated comments not expanding
  • Results: Favourite not being identified
  • Results\Race Replays: Full screen issue when playing video on some Android phones
  • Fields: Link to form
  • Fields: Printable fields
  • News Archive: Restricted while testing
  • Calendar: Updated calendar page with extra features
  • Tracks: Some weblinks aren't redirecting properly
  • Tracks: Track contact email address not appearing
  • News: When selecting a news article under something other than Top Stories, if you click back it takes you back to Top Stories, rather than the section that you were looking at
  • Results: Changing the date changes the focus to TAB Meetings, no matter which tab you have selected
  • Results: "Add to Blackbook" links beside horses
  • Results: Prize money not showing
  • Results: Stewards comments not showing in landscape mode on mobile devices
  • Trials: The ability to search trial results is missing
    • Some trials weren't linking correctly in the search results
  • Fields: When searching, some people aren't seeing their results highlighted when clicking on a meeting. This only seems to be affecting a small number of people at the moment
    • UPDATE: This appears to only affect multi word searches. To get around this issue, pick one word and search for that. i.e. looking for "IVANNA RUN WELL" search for "IVANNA"
  • Fields: At times a search returns no results, even though it should. If the search is redone on the first search's results page, meetings are returned
  • Race Replays: Google Chrome has an issue where the race replay will open, but none of the controls will work. i.e. skipping forwards, backwards or adjusting the volume (issue raised with video player developer)
  • General: Some state links in the menu and footer point to different locations


Currently in Development\Known Issues

  • Fields:Form guides (in testing)
  • Fields: Ability to see fields, without live results (in progress)
  • Race Fields\Results: Layout issue with Photo Finish and Race Replay icons in some browsers (in progress)
  • Trial Replays: Links to these will only show if the required information is entered by the states
  • General: Previously visited links don't change colour (in testing)