Stallion Levy - HRA Chairman's Letter to the Australian harness racing industry

09 June 2021

To the Australian harness racing industry,

I am writing on behalf of the HRA Executive in order to appraise you of our position regarding the recently proposed Stallion Levy and consultation process.

The Executive has determined that a Stallion Levy in the form recently proposed will not be introduced this year.

However, we will continue to look at opportunities to support and reward Australian broodmare owners to build a stronger Australian Standardbred breeding industry.

While acknowledging that there was both support and opposition for the proposed Levy, the six-week consultation process, brought about much needed transparency of the methods, models and motivations of some Studs.  It also highlighted that change is imperative for the greater good of the industry and its long-term health.

I thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback during the consultative period.

The Executive have reinforced its resolve, albeit under a revised timeline, to improve rewards for owners and breeders of Australian bred horses, drive greater opportunity for local Sires, generate broader investment in the industry from international interests and retain more of Australian breeders’ money in Australia.

As a result, the Executive’s intentions are clear – to continue the examination of concepts and policies which generate additional revenue streams to invigorate the industry.  Through coordinated forums across the remainder of 2021, all stakeholders, including Studs, will have an important role to play in identifying these opportunities, which may include a Stallion Levy proposal for the 2022 Breeding Season.

I look forward to working with the HRA Executive and wider industry on this.


Graeme Campbell OAM



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