Industry Notice - Whip Rule Update - AHRR 156A

21 August 2020

HRA previously issued a notice on 19 June 2020 regarding Australian Harness Racing Rules (AHRR) 156A, which deals with the type of whip that could be used from 1 September 2020.  

Following a meeting of the HRA Executive earlier today, an updated notice is now given that the proposed amendments of AHRR 156A will be parked until such time as HRA has had an opportunity to complete a study which is testing whips in order to set an industry Standard for approval, which will include length, width, materials, colours and the use of poppers or keepers on whip tips, and therefore providing the best welfare outcomes for Standardbreds.

Until such work is completed, the existing AHRR 156A will remain in place:

The approved whip is a flexible whip of black or dark tan colour with a core of fibreglass with a handle base and shaft and either a leather keeper to a maximum of 60 millimetres in length and 20 millimetres in width or a non rigid tip amounting to a maximum overall length of 1600 millimetres.

The review period regarding effectiveness and compliance of AHRR 156 following introduction on 1 September 2020 remains unchanged.

For further information, please contact Andrew Kelly on or 03 9227 3004.



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