Ratings Based Handicapping System - Update

20 August 2019

Harness Racing Australia’s Ratings Review Team (RRT) met as usual on Friday and, given the passing of time since the 1 July introduction, took the opportunity to review the Ratings Based Handicapping System (RBHS) data for July.

Stressing that this is still a relatively small sample, and noting the figures did not include Western Australia, the RRT found that the July year-on-year comparisons from a national perspective are all positive and in line with expectations.

Having collated the figures from each State, the results for July 2019 versus July 2018 were as follows:

Races and Race Meetings

24 more races were held in 2019
Jul-18 1024 races were held
Jul-19 1048 races were held

These statistics show a pleasing movement towards a more competitive race offering across the board, with further positives trends expected as horses continue to move away from each other in the transitional period.

The eradication of prohibitively short price favourites and winners is a vital wagering indicator and a key to competitive racing, so it is particularly pleasing to note the positive shift in these areas.

In the July 2019 period, the number of races in which there was up to and equal to a $1.30 favourite decreased by 40 in comparison to July 2018, representing a 33% drop. Similarly, the percentage of winners priced at $1.30 or less dropped 36%, or 36 races.

This was a consistent trend for favourites and winners up to and equal to both $1.60 and $1.90, with a 26% improvement in winners in the $1.60 category (48 races) and a 21% improvement in $1.60 favourites, representing some 58 races.

There were 67 less races which had a $1.90 or less favourite (16% improvement), and 52 less races in which horses at this price won, representing a 20% improvement.

These factors were reflective in a 3% increase in the average starting price of favourites and an 8% increase in the price of winners – showing an increased level of value for punters.

The RRT continues to analyse the RRT regularly as it strives to continue to provide more competitive racing for all. As always, it welcomes feedback in relation to the system to rbhs@hra.com.au, or if your query is in relation to programming, correspondence should be sent to your respective controlling body.