World record pace

15 August 2019 | Dean Baring
It’s staggering really the amount of energy and excitement surrounding this event.

It’s staggering really the amount of energy and excitement surrounding this event. Photo by Empire Stallions

The activity levels at the APG NATIONAL MIXED SALE have been described by some as being at world record pace. It’s a sentiment that looks hard to argue with after yesterday’s stunning day of bidding activity. Even the critics are finding it difficult to remember the last time a sale of this nature has had so much interest this far from Sunday’s closing time.

When we spoke to long-time APG supporter-  Michael Taylor today he said, “I wanted to put 4 entries into the sale and APG were very clear with me on the best way to move forward.  Their advice was to set very achievable reserves and let the market place do the rest. We still have 4 full days to go and 2 of my lots have sailed passed the reverses APG set with me. The other 2 lots are on or within one bid of reaching my reserves. My attention has shifted from trying to sell horses, to looking for TRADING UP opportunities - this event is a credit to the industry at large.”

Wayne Gowland, who has had his two lots already pass his reserves and Jason Bussenschutt has had a very similar experience to that of Wayne's and Michael’s above. When we spoke with Jason earlier this morning he said, “both my horses passed their reserves quickly which is good, because now I'm focusing on trying to find TRADING UP options.  It’s staggering really the amount of energy and excitement surrounding this event.  APG should be very proud of what they are doing for owners like us”

Flora Robson (Harness Breeders NSW) put it this way, “the harness racing market is clearly responding with renewed confidence and it’s so pleasing to see.  Congratulations to those connected to this event”.

With a huge percentage of consignors now realising that come Sunday afternoon their much loved lots will be finding new homes, it’s critical that those people who haven’t registered to bid, do so before tomorrow afternoon’s deadline. With the strength of lots in this sale plus the willingness of consignors in setting achievable reserves, some outstanding buying opportunities will be presented in the next couple of days.

Louise from APG has been working around the clock trying to keep up with close to a staggering 4 Million Dollars in bidding request applications from more than 150 people and organisations.  Louise told us yesterday, “if people wish to participate in this extraordinary event, the applications need to be in by noon Friday (tomorrow, Melbourne time), otherwise, we can’t guarantee the approvals will be processed in time“

One of APG’s strengths within the harness racing industry is that it still offers a fair and open playing field for breeders. The facts are that harness racing has a brilliant record of rewarding those breeders/buyers that take a risk, have faith in themselves and are brave in moving forward. TRADING UP opportunities are on offer right now in the APG NATIONAL MIXED SALE so good luck to those that BACK THEMSELVES.