TAS - Attention trainers - Splash sheets.

27 June 2019 | ORI Stewards


June 25, 2019

A recent race meeting was almost cancelled after race one due to rain affected track conditions leading to drivers’ poor visibility resulting in safety concerns for horses and drivers.

Although the addition of mudguards to sulkies is helpful in addressing such situations, having consulted with drivers in states where splashsheets as well as mudguards are used, Tasmanian BOTRA and local drivers it is felt that the addition of splashsheets as well as mudguards would further address safety concerns regarding impaired visibility on rain affected tracks.

As of Friday July 12, 2019, in addition to the mandatory fitting of mudguards to sulkies when directed by the Stewards the fitting of splashsheets will also be mandatory.    

Trainers failing to comply with such direction of the Stewards will be subject to the provisions of AHR 238:-  

238. A person shall not fail to comply with any order, direction or requirement of the Controlling Body or the Stewards relating to harness racing or to the harness racing industry.

As well, in such circumstances, Stewards may order the horse involved to be withdrawn from its race under the provisions of AHR 15(t):-

15(1)(t).  Stewards are empowered subject to sub-rule (2), to withdraw, bar or disqualify a horse from a race, or declare a horse to be a non starter, or late scratching

The delay in implementing this requirement is to give trainers ample time to secure splashsheets as they have not recently been required in Tasmania.  Prior to July 12, 2019, when Stewards direct the fitting of mudguards to sulkies, the fitting of splashsheets will be optional although if available the fitting of such would be advisable.    

Steven Shinn

Chairman of Stewards (Harness)