RWWA Maximum Start Level - Calculation Change

17 April 2019

Commencing the 17th April 2019 the way we calculate the Maximum Start Level for horses racing in WA is changing.

NEW Calculation method: The lower of either the Level of the race OR the HWOE Level of the horse will be used to establish the Maximum Start Level in their last 5 starts.

Reason for change: To allow horses to nominate out of their class into a higher level race without restricting their ability to drop back into a L5$ race that aligns with their HWOE Level as long as their L5$ remain under the Main Condition Clause (i.e. L5$ LT $4,000) AND their Max Win Level also complies with the Not Eligible Clause.

Please Note: The calculation for the Maximum Win Level is NOT changing so if you start in a higher level race and win it, your maximum win level reflects the level of that higher class race.

As a result of the calculation changing some of the Restricted Races and Age races will have their levels reclassified in order to ensure manipulation of the system to gain a substantial drop back doesn’t occur with winners of these races.