SA - Stewards Inquiry - Mr Michael Smith

14 February 2019 | the offices of the Chairman of Stewards


Inquiry – Mr Michael Smith

Harness Racing SA (HRSA) Stewards today concluded an inquiry into allegations made against trainer Michael Smith and the alleged stomach tubing of MISSY MURDOCK on Monday the 19th of November 2018, prior to the mare participating in Race 2 the “Maughan Thiem Ford Ranger Pace” on that same day.

After conducting a detailed investigation and considering all evidence tendered at the inquiry Stewards charged Mr. Smith under AHRR 193(1) which stipulates: A person shall not attempt to stomach tube or stomach tube a horse nominated for a race or event within 48 hours of the commencement of the race or event.

After giving consideration to all relevant matters the Stewards found the charge proved; Stewards then gave consideration to submissions on penalty and after having regard for the following relevant factors:

  • the period of time Mr Smith has been involved in harness racing
  • his record over the time he has been involved in harness racing
  • recent penalties applied in similar cases under AHRR 193(1)
  • the personal circumstances of Mr Smith.

The Stewards determined that Mr Smith be disqualified for a period of 8 months, which is to commence from the 21st of February 2019

Acting under the provisions of AHRR193(5) Stewards ordered that MISSY MURDOCK be disqualified from Race 2 at Globe Derby Park on the 19th of November.

Mr Smith was advised of his rights of appeal.

Simon Ewen