HRNSW - Notice for long acting substances

01 February 2019


TRAINERS are reminded that they should exercise significant caution before presenting horses to race that have been treated with a long acting substance.

On 25 June 2018, HRNSW reminded Trainers of their obligation to present horses to race free of prohibited substances and the absolute liability for trainers who are found to have breached Australian Harness Racing Rule (AHRR) 190(1).

HRNSW also provided advice to the industry in relation to Detection Times and Withdrawal Times. The variability in both the animal and therapeutic substances can result in a variance for detection times in each particular circumstance.

In the case of joint injections there have been instances where corticosteroids such as triamcinolone acetonide have been detected for periods of time in excess of the withdrawal times advised by veterinarians.

Trainers are also reminded that Harness Racing NSW provides an elective testing service for a number of long acting substances (including corticosteroids) that may have unpredictable detection times. Trainers are encouraged to make use of this service prior to nominating horses to race that have undergone treatment with such substances.

For further information please contact HRNSW Integrity Department on (02) 9722 6600.

Name:            Michael Prentice                                          Grant Adams

Position:        Integrity Manager                                         Chairman of Stewards

Phone:           (02) 9722 6600                                             (02) 9722 6628


Dr Martin Wainscott

Regulatory Veterinarian

(02 9722 6600