Hill an inspirational Team Teal member

07 March 2017 | PAUL COURTS
DANI HILL and personal Teal Paints sponsor Gordon Carter proudly display their teal colours

DANI HILL and personal Teal Paints sponsor Gordon Carter proudly display their teal colours

WITH a devastatingly low survival rate, ovarian cancer is shadowed by stories of heartbreak and tragedy.

But as treatment improves and awareness grows, so do tales of inspiration such as harness racing matriarch Cheryl Quinlan, who won her battled against the dreadful condition after being diagnosed in 2011.

If there is one person who arouses inspiration it is South Australian horsewoman Dani Hill.

In May 2010 Hill’s life and career were at a cross roads following a horrific race fall, which left her with a sunken eye socket – which led to loss of vision - a broken jaw, cheek and nose.

Dwelling in pity was not an option for Hill, who not only returned to driving, but has become a South Australian premiership winner!

As the industry does its bit to raise funds and awareness for ovarian cancer, Hill has once again been a shining light of inspiration.

From just 13 race meetings since the Women’s Cancer Foundation – Ovarian Institute Teal Pant Campaign began on February 1, Hill has made her way into the winners’ circle during 11 of the programs.

With her latest haul a quartet at Globe Derby yesterday – her third as part of the charity program – Hill’s tally is sitting on 27 wins!

“It is great to get a win, let alone four, especially while the teal pants fundraiser is on,” Hill said. “Every win helps and the ladies all over Australia have been making plenty of trips to the winners’ circle.

“I’m just so grateful I’ve been having a purple patch and been able to do as much as I can to help.

“We are all part of an Australian Teal Pants Team and so far us reinswomen have collectively reached almost 250 wins in just five weeks.”

Along with donations from Harness Racing SA, which is being matched by Ubet, per every victory, Hill also has a personal sponsor who is adding to the total with each win.

“Gordon Carter is sponsoring me with each win via his thoroughbred racing stable,” Hill said.

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