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Committees Whip Rules: HRA Approved  11/06/2020 and Educational Video 2016
Roll of Honour                   HRA Industry Notice  21/08/2020 - Whip Rule Update AHRR 156A  2015 (March)
Management of Australian Harness Racing Sulkies - Standards & Approved List 2014
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Dept of Agriculture & Water Resources - Quarantine Information HRA Equine Health & Welfare Statement Stallion Registration Form R274B-1 - Aust Domiciled
Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) HRA Equine Health & Welfare Code of Conduct Stallion Registration Form R274B-2 - NZ Domiciled and Other
International Harness Racing Organisations Standardbred Diet Survey Stallion Registration - FAQ
IRT (International Racehorse Transport) Standardbred Breeding Panel Report - July 2011 Stallion Registration Fee - FAQ
  Standardbred Breeding Panel Supplementary Report - September 2011 HRA On-Line (Horse Search)
  EADRA - HRA Senate Submission - 28 July 2010 Feature Race Calendar
  Biosecurity & Quarantine - HRA Senate Sub - Aug 2010 Australian Harness Racing Rules
  Wagering Working Party - October 2014 National Top 20
  Racing Product Review Gear and Equipment


HRA Submission to Joint Select Committee - Gambling Reform - July 2011 National Website
  HRA Submission to RRAT - Horse Traceability Register - April 2019  
     ASBP Report on the Australian Breeding Industry     
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