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The Chief Executives of the State Controlling Bodies recommended to their Board/Authorities that the date of
implementation  of the new National Rules be 1st October, 1999.  This has now been implemented.

It should be noted that the Rules and Regulations of Racing and Wagering Western Australia will differ in formatted construction because of a different legislative framework.  Please refer to the RWWA.

Please note:  Changes to the National Rules are highlighted in red or purple, together with the date of Council Approval and/or Recommended Implementation.
Click here to view the complete list of Rule Amendments since November 1999.

Please Note:  On 1st March 2008 Harness Racing Australia Inc (HRA) replaced Australian Harness Racing Council Inc (AHRC) as the organisation's name.  All AHRC's formal structures, rules, regulations, policies, processes etc., now pertain to HRA, and any reference to Australian Harness Racing Council Inc, AHRC, Council or The Council shall mean Harness Racing Australia Inc or HRA. 



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