Harness Racing Australia

Embryo Transfer - Application to Undertake - Form R285B-1  
Embryo Transfer - Notification of Procedure - Form R285B-2  
Imported Semen Regulations and Forms  
Stallion Registration Form - Australian Domiciled - Form R274B-1  
Stallion Registration Form - New Zealand and Other Domiciled - Form 274B-2
   Also refer to:  Stallion Registration FAQ   
Clearance Registration in to Australia Form  
Retire A Horse - Form R25A  
Death Of A Horse - Form R25A  
Microchip Declaration Form for Imported Horses  
Drivers' Protective Vests Approval Application Form  
Sulky Approval Application Form  
Sulky Wheel Modification Application Form  
Sulky Wheel Approval Application Form  
Incident Notification Form  
NZ Licence Holders - Personal Injury Cover in Australia  
Stablehands Application Form