Hopples for Sale
Hopples for Sale
March 08, 2019 9:36 AM (First posted 14/04/2011)
Tony Kavalieros <a...@bigpond.net.au> *
We a manufacturer of all types of hopples - either flat or tubular style in a great range of colour combinations if required.
eg a set of tubular hopples with carriers and connectors are $115.00 and a set of flat hopples with carriers and connectors are $120.00.
Delivery for either is $20.00

NOTE: Hopples are designed to be adjustable out to 60 inches - Please advise if longer are required.

We also make all types of hopples to order.

Please email us for further information or you can phone us on 0249 545979 business hours.

Photos of our products can be viewed on our website www.auscoatwebbing.com