Selling all Gear
Selling all Gear
February 06, 2018 12:01 PM
Karen Burrows
All gear going!

4x Sets of Flatback Hopples, 3 Trot Pace Brand (1 set all black, 2 sets black with yellow backing on loops, one with yellow carriers) 1 Zilco (black with yellow backing on loops), no cracks or splits, used by race worthy - $60 a set

Various bits - Headcheck, hollow mouth headcheck, rubber headcheck, half spoon snaffles, half spoon plastic (happy apple), leading bit, lugging bit, crescendo bit, double twisted wire, jaw breakers, mullen mouth James bit etc All $10 each

Broom Shadow roll $20

Brand new block eyes with yellow straps $20
Rio brand new block eyes all black, $15

2/3 tub of Swell down (retails $105 a tub) $50

Star fire wheels complete, hubs a bit loose but otherwise good $130 pair

Complete race bridles with headchecks and bits, some with dollys, prices $65 each. 4 available, mix of black, green and yellow.

Zilco Slimline Race Saddle with yellow buxton, white neck strap, padded crupper and reins (broken keeps on reins), Excellent condition, just need a girth and ready to race $400

Older Long trotting hind boots, have been relined, all straps functional $50

Tie Down work saddle complete with near new long trace breastplate, pad, reins, crupper, girth, tie downs and jog bridle with bit $110

Tie Down work saddle, with good long trace breastplate, pad, girth, tie downs & Crupper $40

5x Rocket Green and yellow race day halters, great condition (1 has slight chew mark on end of strap) $25 each or $100 the lot

Plus boots, rugs, ice boot, etc etc....

I have a photo album on my facebook page which shows photos with descriptions and prices. I can email photos etc of anything you are interested in. Located Thagoona Qld, can post at your expense.

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