Notice to Industry - Drivers Safety Equipment

17 August 2022

HRNSW Stewards remind all drivers of a previous industry notice that safety equipment required to be worn during races and trials must also be worn during training regardless if this occurs on private or public property.

Australian Harness Racing Rule (AHRR) 159A states the following:

AHRR 159A.  (1)  A driver shall wear a helmet which has been approved and entered in the Register of Helmets approved by Harness Racing Australia.

(2)  A driver shall at all times when driving or riding a horse keep his or her helmet correctly fastened.

(7)  A person shall at all times when driving or riding a horse wear a body protector which has been approved by Harness Racing Australia.

(8)  A driver shall not be in possession of a modified body protector or a body protector which has not been approved by Harness Racing Australia

Australian Harness Racing Rule (AHRR) outlines the definition of a ‘Driver’

“Driver” means a person who is on a racecourse, racetrack or a registered or unregistered training track for the purpose of driving or riding a horse.

If anyone requires further information please contact HRNSW Integrity Department on (02) 9722 6600.


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