Elevated TC02 Levels Notice - Horses Required to Present Early

27 July 2022

On 1 September 2014, HRNSW introduced the following policy for horses that are presented to race with an Elevated TCO2 level in plasma greater than 35 mmol/Litre. This policy was updated on 28 October 2015.

The Trainer of any horse which records an elevated TCO2 level (above 35 mmol/L) will be required to present that horse on course at an earlier time than otherwise required. The time will vary depending on the status of the meetings.






Newcastle 13 October 2018


Robert GATT

Bankstown 21 June 2019


Malcolm LOCKE

Bankstown 20 December 2019             



Canberra 9 November 2020



Junee 22 March 2022

ROCK OF DELIGHT                       

Michael DOLTOFF                           

Menangle 16 July 2022


The Trainer of a horse/s which has recorded a TCO2 level greater than 35 mmol/L is to present that horse/s on course earlier than what otherwise may be required, at all meetings for a period of not less than 6 starts.

Where a blood sample collected from a horse has been subsequently analysed and reported to have a plasma total carbon dioxide (TCO2) level at greater than 35mmol/Litre

in plasma – the following conditions shall apply;

1.         That for a period of 6 starts following the results of analysis the Trainer of that       horse/s shall present it on course in accordance with the following schedule;

(a)        At 10.00am on the date on which the Metropolitan race meeting is being conducted at Tabcorp Park Menangle.

            (b)        No less than 4 hours prior to the scheduled start time in which the horse is                        entered at all other meetings.

2.         Should a Trainer fail to present his horse by the required times the horse shall be withdrawn from the race in which it was scheduled to participate and the Trainer may be subject to penalty.


3.         Should the horse be transferred to another Trainer within the period of 6 starts the new Trainer, upon application to HRNSW, may have the embargo lifted, however HRNSW reserves the right to refuse to lift this requirement.


4.         HRNSW will publish a list on its website of all horses required to be presented under this policy including the name of the Trainer.


5.         HRNSW may at its discretion determine that a Trainer whom has been listed on the elevated TCO2, will have their horses subject to a period of time in the HRNSW Retention Facility prior to their horses competing at a race meeting, no matter where the trainer is normally located or the race meeting is being conducted.


6.         HRNSW will consider the elevated level recorded by the horse and will compare such level with those previously recorded or controlled samples taken. Should it be determined that there is significant variance the horse and or Trainer maybe stood down from racing pending the outcome an inquiry.


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