Notice to Industry

15 June 2022


Following previous notices issued by HRNSW in relation to human prescription medications, HRNSW again warns Trainers and stable employees that appropriate steps must be taken to ensure that horses are not contaminated with human prescription medications by any means including during the feeding and handling of horses or through human excretion within the stable environment.

HRNSW Stewards would expect that any trainer or stable employee required to take prescription medication would at a minimum regularly wash their hands especially after handling medication, wear gloves and utilise appropriate toilet facilities within the stable environment.

Failure to ensure that appropriate steps are taken may result in prohibited substances being detected in raceday samples.



HRNSW has dealt with a number of prohibited substance matters involving substances that are contained within human prescription medications and the transfer of those substances through domestic septic sewer systems.

Trainers are warned that horses should not be exposed to water from septic sewer systems and horses should also be prevented from grazing in areas where water irrigation or overflow is provided from septic sewer systems.

The ingestion by horses of grass and/or plants exposed to water from septic sewer systems may lead to the detection of prohibited substances in raceday samples.

If anyone requires further information please contact HRNSW Integrity Department 02 9722 6655.


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