VIC - Integrity Hotline

24 August 2021

In 2016, the Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) Integrity Department introduced a dedicated ‘Integrity Hotline’ to enable licensed participants, harness racing industry stakeholders and members of the general public to disclose integrity related information to HRV.

The ‘Integrity Hotline’ consists of three options – phone message service on 03 9214 0651; email address; or an online form on the HRV website that can be accessed here - through which people can disclose information, photographs, videos or other documents directly to the HRV Integrity Department either anonymously or with accompanying contact details for further communication with an HRV Investigative Steward.

All information provided to the HRV ‘Integrity Hotline’ is treated confidentially and security of information is maintained at all times.

Any person who has a concern regarding the integrity of our industry is encouraged to utilise one of these options to disclose that information and assist in ensuring that the integrity of harness racing in Victoria is maintained at its highest level.

Integrity Hotline:

03 9214 0651

Report Suspicious Activity Online Form


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