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A Final Report on National Priorities

  1. Promote growth and development of the trotter throughout Australia. Organise a National Body representing all Member States to assist in the development of State and National Policies on all matters relevant to Trotters.
  2. Develop the Open Class of Trotting ranks to enable all States to be represented and run an Inter Dominion Trotters Series as an ultimate objective.

RACING (Australia & New Zealand)

  1. Ensure the co-ordinated and continued development of all elite Grand Circuit and key Feature Races.
  2. Promote the development of 2, 3, 4 year old trotters into specifically co-ordinated and programmed events to provide improved opportunities for under aged racing including Derbies and Oaks.
  3. Provide specific lead-up races to highlight trotting stars and ensure the elite and feature races to allow trainers the best preparation for showcasing our feature races.
  4. Develop Metropolitan and Country Feature Trotting Racing Circuits in all Trotting States to develop and enhance the pool of trotters at the future elite level.


  1. Now that the Southern Cross Breeding Scheme is a reality, it is envisaged that for trotters that the eligibility for futurity racing for trotters should, in future, be mare based and called Trotbred.
  2. Breeders incentives which form part of the stakemoney should be directed to breeders and owners for winning feature races as incentives to breeders to race or sell.
  3. At the time of foaling notification the breeder of trotters should be able to ensure the initial eligibility for all futurity racing nationally.
  4. Studmasters prepared to stand trotting stallions must be encouraged to do so.
  5. One Specific Trotters Sale in conjunction with a major Trotting Feature should be organised annually.


  1. The promotional benefits received through Australian and New Zealand trotters racing overseas were significant. Encouragement should be given to owners of trotters to compete at the international level.
  2. In the early development of the Grand Circuit Racing for Australian Trotters competing, consideration should be given to sponsorship.
  3. State Controlling Bodies and Principal Clubs should actively promote the Trotter and its Personalities in their activities and publications.
  4. The national Internet Website will be actively utilised to encourage all aspects in the Discussion Paper in the future.
  5. Extend the National Recognition Awards for Trotters.


  1. Encourage the establishment of a National Body for the Trotters Associations to be assisted by the State Controlling Bodies.
  2. That all AHRC Members actively encourage and assist the Square Trotters Associations in their organisation and their promotional endeavours to positively achieve.

November 1999


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