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Mike Ponchard

1.  Performance Profiling of the Standardbred Athlete
2.  Prescribing And Monitoring Training Using Plasma Lactate

Current Position: Equine Exercise Physiologist
Presentation: 1.  Thursday, 25th November, 1999
2.  Wednesday, 24th November, 1999
Major Career/Academic Achievements:
Honours, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Sports Science from the University of Western Australia Lecturer in Sports Science for 10 years at Edith Cowan University, Perth, WA
Experience in Racing or Organisation Represented:

Mike has worked with a number of standardbred trainers while using heart rate and plasma blood lactate measurements for the purposes of testing and training the equine athlete.

He is currently working as an exercise physiologist in the field of Medical Rehabilitation, and is also developing Equilab Pty Ltd, a family company interesting in promoting the scientific management of the equine athlete.


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