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Angela Avery

1.  Pastures for Broodmares and Foals
2.  Pastures for Horses - A Winning Resource

Organisation: Agriculture Victoria, Rutherglen
Current Position: Senior Research Scientist
1.  Thursday, 25th November, 1999
2.  Wednesday, 24th November, 1999
Major Career/Academic Achievements:
B. App. Sci.
Grad. Dip. Bis
Experience in Racing or Organisation Represented:

Over the last eleven years, Angela has conducted research into pasture species, establishment, management and utilisation for the extensive grazing industries.

In 1995, Angela received a research grant from the RIRDC to research and write a pasture management manual for the horse industry. "Pasture for Horses: A Winning Resource" was subsequently published, and has been used extensively throughout the industry.


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