The Owner - An Australian and New Zealand Perspective
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The Owner - An Australian and New Zealand Perspective Paper was presented at the World Trotting Conference, Finland on Wednesday, 11th July 2001  14:00.

It has been split into 2 pdf files for your convenience to reduce download time.

Rod Pollock
Chief Executive
Australian Harness Racing Council, Inc

Part 1 (click here to view)(pdf) Part 2 (click here to view) (pdf)
Contents The Significant Owners - Exit Interview
The Harness Racing Industry Network The Race Club Response
The Significant Owner - Objectives Case Study - Harness Racing New Zealand
The Significant Owner - Profile and Expectations   Ownership Promotions
Case Study - Harness Racing Victoria   Syndication
  The Affordability of Investment & Ownership   Ownership Marketing Kit
  Vic's Leadership in Stakemoney & Total Returns to Owners   The Breeding Nursery
  Victoria's International Leadership in Harness Racing   Profile of NZ Imports
  Harness Racing Industry Investment Cycle  Summary & References



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