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The Standardbred Diet Survey was designed by the Australian Harness Racing Council to survey the variety of feeds, commercial feed mixes and supplements used by trainers of Standardbred horses throughout Australia.

Studies have revealed that the amount and type of alkaline substances contained in the feed ingredients, electrolyte mixes and alkalinising (blood buffers) supplements may have an influence on the blood levels of alkaline or bicarbonate (i.e. total plasma carbon dioxide concentration) in racing horses.

In order to fully assess the influence of feeds and the wide variety of supplements that are available this Survey was distributed to Standardbred trainers throughout Australia.

Results have been compiled, and the Survey is now completed. 

Thanks to all industry participants for completing this important survey

Click here to view:      AHRC Press Release - January 2002 - Announcing Survey Results

                                   Survey Results - by John Kohnke (pdf)


Rod Pollock
Chief Executive


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