Decade of National Statistical Information
1990-1991 to 1999-2000
Council Inc

This Decade of Information document was prepared and provided to Members of Council for their information.  It is now released together with brief comments for each section.  Any queries should be directed to the AHRC.

Rod Pollock
Chief Executive
Australian Harness Racing Council Inc.

Stakemoney & Races - National   The Breeding Scene
  Brief Commentary     Brief Commentary
  Stakemoney - graph     The Breeding Scene - graph
  Races - graph     National Registrations 1990-2000
  National Stakemoney Statistics 1990-2000      
Racing Operations   Imports & Exports
  Brief Commentary     Brief Commentary
  Licensed Industry Participants - graph     Australian Exports - graph
  Other National Statistics      Australian Imports - graph
State Comparative Information      
  Brief Commentary  
  Licences and Registrations 1990-2000  
  Racing Operations 1990-2000  
  State Breakdown - Licences & Registrations/ Racing Operations