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Approved Gear List

Implementation Date: 
28th December 2006
Bits, Tongue Ties and Bit Fittings   Refer to HRA Gear & Equipment Home Page:
Bridles, Blinkers, Nosebands, Headchecks, Deafeners       Sulkies
Neckwear, Breastplates, Reins, Boots       Sulky Wheels
Spreaders, Cruppers, Tail Ties, Hopples, Shoes       Protective Vests
Miscellaneous       Helmets
Banned       Whips, Eyewear

Bits, Tongue Ties and Bit Fittings  Bridles, Blinkers, Nosebands, Headchecks, Deafeners
Bits Bridles and Blinkers
Jointed Snaffle Bit Open Bridle
Straight Bit Dolly Varden Blinds
Rubber Covered Bit European blinds
Dexter Ring Bit Block Blinkers
Crescendo Bit Kelly/Charlie Parson Winkers
Butterfly Bit Telescopic blinds
James Bit (straight or jointed) Hood Blinkers (full or half cup)
Lugging Bit Pelling Pacifiers (mesh)
Extension Bit Murphy blind N/S
Pulling Bit Murphy blind O/S
Happy Mouth Bit Sliding Blinds Block
Slipmouth bit Sliding Blinds Dolly Varden
Other Bit Fleece Winkers/Cantseebaks
Gag Bit Fly veil
Norton Bit Equivizor
Lugging bar bit (even) Nosebands
Lugging bar bit (uneven) Fleece Shadow Roll
Controller Bit Brush Shadow Roll
Dr Bristol Bit Nose Veil
Captain Sandy Bit Flash/Crossover/figure 8 noseband
Mini Bit (must be used in conjunction with another bit) Noseband Conventional
Headcheck Bits Drop Noseband
Straight Headcheck Bit Kineton Noseband
Rubber headcheck bit None
Jointed headcheck bit Headchecks 
Hutton Headcheck bit Headcheck- Fixed
None Headcheck- Running
Tongue Ties (see full regulations) Headcheck- None
Tongue Plate Bit Headcheck- Chin Rest
Rubber Tongue Tie Headcheck- Release Pin
Leather Tongue Tie O’Mara/Raymond Headcheck
Rubber Tongue Layer Undercheck
Tongue W Clip None
Lycratie Deafeners
None Deafeners- Removeable Plugs
Bit Fittings Deafeners- Removeable Hood
Bit Burr N/S  Deafeners Hood Fixed
Bit Burr O/S Deafeners Plugs Fixed
Cheekers None
None Hidez Hood
Neckwear, Breastplates, Reins, Boots Spreaders, Cruppers, Tail Ties, Hopples, Shoes
Neckwear Spreaders
Lugging pole N/S Spreaders- Bar
Lugging Pole O/S Spreaders- Guiders
Rein pole/ Half Pole N/S Spreaders- Go Straights
Rein pole/Half pole O/S Spreaders- Rear
Burr- Rein N/S Spreader- One legged N/S
Burr- Rein O/S Spreader- One legged O/S
Burr- Pole N/S Spreader -Breastplate 
Burr- Pole O/S Toe Spreader
Neckstrap Spreaders- Shaft Spreader
Anti choke device Cruppers and tail Ties
None Crupper Conventional
Breastplates Crupper Foam
Conventional Crupper Tail Tie
Buxton Crupper- None
Reins Tail Tie
Reins conventional Hopples
Reins- pulling Hopples Flat
Reins- rings Hopples Round
Reins- double purchase Hopples- None
Boots Bloomers
Bell Boots Half Hopples
Bumper Boots Hopple Shorteners- cord pin
Elbow pads Hopple Shorteners- elastic
Knee Boots Hopple Shorteners- Mobiles only
Pastern Boot Hopple Shorteners- Stand only
Shin and Tendon Boots Hopple Shorteners- Stands and Mobiles
Straightline Pastern Boot Shoes
Scalping Boots Shoes- front
Bandages Fabric (taped) Shoes- hind
Bandages Crepe Adhesive Style (taped) Shoes- none
None Shoes- pads
Shoes- special
Miscellaneous Gear BANNED
Rear Windsucking device Cross Hopples
Tail Chain Half Hopples On Back Legs Of Trotters
Bucking Strap Inner Tube Spreaders
Rearing Strap Twin Lugging Poles
Stallion Support Lugging/False Shaft
Suspenders (knee boot) Barclay Anti-Cribbing Device
Cornell Collar Muzzles
Gaiting Strap N/S Lip Straps/Lip Cords
Gaiting Strap O/S Eye Bubbles
Gaiting Strap N/S and O/S Protecto "The Breathe E-Z" Nostril Spreader
Shaft Extensions Twisted Wire, Rope And Chain Bits 
Pre race Warm Up Slippers
Dust Sheet No Nails
Safety girth/retaining strap Magic Cushion
Splash sheet (Wet Weather)
Horse compression suits (for horse transport)


Implementation Date:  28th December 2006

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