The Tasbred Breeders Program is the only free racing and breeding incentive program in Australasia. With over $500,000 distributed annually it provides outstanding value for breeders.

Tasracing undertook a Harness Standardbred Review in 2019 with one of the key actions being the overview of the Breeders Support Policy. The amendments seen the increase in bonus payments along with major changes to the Breeders coupons we were under utilised in previous seasons.

The updated Breeders Program has four components – the Tasbred Bonus, the Tasbred Sires Stakes, the Tasbred Breeders Coupon and the Tasbred Foal Born payment.


Tasbred Bonus

Tasbred Bonus payouts approximately $250,000 annually.  The new bonus payments are paid under the following conditions:

  • 2 & 3YO’s – First Win $10,000
    • Owner - $6,000 cash payment
    • Breeder - $2,000 cash payment
    • Breeder - $2,000 breeders coupon


  • 4YO’s – First Win $6,500
    • Owner - $4,875 cash payment
    • Breeder - $1,125 cash payment


  • 5YO’s & Older – Firs Win $2,500
    • Owner - $2,500

Tasbred Bonus payments apply only to races conducted in Tasmania, including King Island.  Tasbred Bonus payments do not apply to heats of the Australasian Breeders Crown.


Tasbred Sires Stakes

The Tasbred Sires Stakes is a $444,000 race series comprising heats and finals for 2YO, 3YO and 4YO’s.  Each age group is divided into two sections – female pacers and male pacers.  Heats are of $12,000 and finals of $50,000.  All races are mobile starts.

Each age group is named after an outstanding Tasmanian horse.  The female sections are Evicus (2YO), Bandbox (3YO) and Granny Smith (4YO).  The male sections are Dandy Patch (2YO), Globe Derby (3YO) and Raider (4YO).


Tasbred Breeders Coupon

In January 2020 the Breeders Program was updated and breeding coupons would no longer accumulate through season earnings of 2 & 3YO’s or through wins of 4YO and older horses. It was found year after year these coupons were under utilised, specifically by Owners. The updated program would see Breeders of 2 & 3YO horses receive $2,000 coupons for their first win.

Credits from the Tasbred Breeders Coupon can only be used by the breeder for service fees, veterinary costs associated with a service or at the Tasmanian Premier Harness Yearling Sale in the following season.  When used for service fees, the credits apply to mare(s) owned or part owned by the breeder and are applicable to the service fee only (excludes agistment fees, etc.).  When used at the Tasmanian Premier Harness Yearling Sale, the credits apply to the purchase of yearlings that are not owned or part owned by the breeder.

To receive your breeders coupon forwarded a copy of the service invoice to Tasracing. The invoice and mare must be in the same name of the Breeder with eligible coupons.


Foal Born Payment

Breeders of foals born from 2019, that are noted as Tasbred eligible will receive a $2,000 payment after lodgement of the foal notification. Payments will be processed monthly commencing in October of each year. Foal notifications that are lodged in Victoria for Tasbred eligible foals may need to be advised to Tasracing.


Tasbred Eligibility

A foal shall be deemed Tasbred if:

  1. The mare is served, naturally or artificially, by a stallion registered and standing in Tasmania; or
  2. The mare is lawfully inseminated in Tasmania by semen from any registered stallion provided that the resultant foal is born in Tasmania. 

Clauses 3 and 4 cover other occurrences that may lead to Tasbred eligibility:

  1. If an owner decides a mare should leave Tasmania to be served or foal, the mare, or the surrogate mare, must return to Tasmania within 30 days, after the 42-day test verifying the mare is in foal, and the resultant foal must be born in Tasmanian. To have the resultant foal deemed Tasbred eligible, the owner must apply to Tasracing and outline the reasons why.  The application must be made, in writing to Tasracing (racing@tasracing.com.au), with sufficient evidence of the mares return to the State within the required timeframe. 
  2. Any exceptional circumstance deemed reasonable by Tasracing may be considered for Tasbred eligibility.

From 1 September 2009, Tasracing will pay all foal registration fees provided that the foal notification is lodged with the Office of Racing Integrity within one month of foaling.


Acceptance Fees

No acceptance fees are applicable to any component of the Tasbred Series.


Tasbred Sires Stakes Conditions

The Office of Racing Integrity General Conditions for Races Conducted as Heats and Final/Consolation, which can be found in the Harness Handicapping Schedule & Procedures document (https://dpipwe.tas.gov.au/Documents/Harness%20-%20Handicapping%20Schedule.pdf), are applicable to each Tasbred Sires Stakes race series.


Additional conditions are:

  1. Heats will be programmed for each sex of the 2YO, 3YO and 4YO series.
  2. Heats will be programmed no more than two weeks before each respective final.
  3. If the number of acceptors for any series is not more than the safety limit, heats will not be conducted, and the acceptors given preference in the final.
  4. If heats are not conducted and there are six or more acceptors, a prelude will be conducted for the advertised stake money of the heats.  The draw will be PBD/NR.
  5. The venues, amount and distribution of stakes for each series shall be determined by Tasracing and announced before 1 November in the season the series is conducted.
  6. Tasracing reserves the right to amend the conditions for the conduct of any series as may be deemed necessary.
  7. Any disputes regarding the conditions or interpretation of the conditions of any series shall be determined by Tasracing and the decision shall not be subject to appeal.


Definition of Breeder

Under the Rules of Harness Racing the breeder is:

  1. In the case of a foal which is the result of an embryo transfer, the registered owner or lessee of the donor mare at the time the embryo is flushed from such donor mare and impregnated into a recipient mare.
  2. In all other cases, the registered owner or lessee of the dam at the time of last date of service.

If applicable, transfers must be lodged prior to foaling because any Tasbred Series related payment or credit will be paid to the official “breeder.” The rights to Tasbred Series payments or credits are not transferable.


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