Trial Results

CRANBOURNE  25 May 2019

Trial 1
2,080 METRES Class: 2A0 - 2A1 MOBILE START
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 SUNDANCER RAINBOW Jayne Davies Simone Walker 2MA0 2A0 2R0 2 FT
2 KRAFTY BART Jayne Davies Tony Mallia 2MA0 2A1 2R1 5 FT
3 CUZIN LYNDAL Glenn Hunter Glenn Hunter 2MA0 2A0 2R0 1 FT
4 ICANMOTOR Ray Mathews Jon Stevens 2MA0 2A0 2R0 4 FT
5 ACCESS DECLINED Ray Mathews Ray Mathews 2MA0 2A0 2R0 3 FT
Gross Time: 2:41.6 Mile Rate: 2:05.0 Margins: 1/2 HD x NK
Last Mile: Last Half: 61.3 Last Quarter: 31.7
Trial 2
2,080 METRES Class: 3yo - T3 MOBILE START
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 RAFFAS ACE Jayne Davies Simone Walker 3MA0 3A0 3R0 3 FT
2 ARGGGHHH Raymond Woods Peter Newton 3MA0 3A1 3R1 5 FT
3 DEFT TOUCH Glenn Hunter Glenn Hunter 3MA0 3A0 3R0 2 FT
4 NIGHTMARES Charlie Wootton Vivian Tomren 3MA0 3A0 3R0 1 FT
5 LADY MAJESTIC Jon Stephens Jon Stephens 3MA0 3A0 3R0 4 FT
6 MISS INTENSE Jennifer Lewis Jennifer Lewis TM0 T3 TR3 6 FT
Gross Time: 2:40.2 Mile Rate: 2:03.9 Margins: 4m x 6m
Last Mile: Last Half: 59.8 Last Quarter: 28.9
Trial 3
2,080 METRES Class: C0 - C5 MOBILE START
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 DANSBRO Rick Cashman Rick Cashman M0 C4 R5 5 FT
2 CELESTIAL TREKKER Jennifer Lewis Jennifer Lewis M0 C3 R3 4 FT
3 MONTENERO Jayne Davies Tony Mallia M0 C1 R2 3 FT
4 IMA BLUE BOY Laraine McKenzie Graeme McIntosh M0 C0 R0 1 FT
5 NEVADA JANE Jon Stephens Jon Stephens M0 C0 R0 2 FT
Gross Time: 2:40.6 Mile Rate: 2:04.2 Margins: NK x 12m
Last Mile: Last Half: 58.8 Last Quarter: 29.4

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