Trial Results

TABCORP PARK  19 June 2017

Trial 1
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 WALTZINGWITHSIERRA Gary Hoban Zac Phillips 3MA0 3A0 3R0 1 FT
2 LETS GO BETTER NZ Ted Caruana Kylie Sugars 3MA0 3A1 3R1 3 FT
3 ITS POWDER BLUE NZ Joe Pace Joe Pace 3MA0 3A1 3R1 4 FT
4 ART WORKER Bill Galea Darby McGuigan 3MA0 3A0 3R0 2 FT
5 MELPARK ALEXA Alan Tubbs Greg Sugars 3MA0 3A1 3R1 5 FT
Gross Time: 2:48.97 Mile Rate: 2:01.4 Margins: Head x 2m x 3.5m
Last Mile: 2:00.35 Last Half: 56.6 Last Quarter: 28.25
Trial 2
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 SEWPLAYFUL Lance Justice Jason Hackett 2MA0 2A0 2R0 1 FT
2 BAD BOY SHADOW Lance Justice Lance Justice 2MA0 2A0 2R0 5 FT
3 MOLLYWOOD Mario Azzopardi Charlie Borg 2MA0 2A0 2R0 7 FT
4 MAXINES DELIGHT Gary Hoban Zac Phillips 2MA0 2A0 2R0 3 FT
5 IMA SASSY GIRL Ted Caruana Greg Sugars 2MA0 2A0 2R0 6 FT
6 CHASUKA Maree Caldow John Caldow 2MA0 2A0 2R0 2 FT
7 CHAMPAGNE COMEDY Kylie Sugars Kylie Sugars 2MA0 2A0 2R0 4 FT
Gross Time: 2:51.78 Mile Rate: 2:03.42 Margins: 1.5m x Head x 4.5m
Last Mile: 2:03.47 Last Half: 58.49 Last Quarter: 29.09
Trial 3
2,240 METRES Class: Combined MOBILE START
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 SHADY SECRET Alan Tubbs Greg Sugars 3MA0 3A5 3R5 3 FT
2 DOLLY MACH LOMBO Gary Hoban Zac Phillips 3MA0 3A1 3R1 2 FT
3 GOZO BEACH Bill Galea Darby McGuigan 3MA0 3A1 3R1 1 FT
4 JACCKA WILCO NZ Danny Mullan Samantha Mullan M0 C1 R1 6 FT
5 SEWCANHUGH Lance Justice Lance Justice M0 C1 R1 5 FT
6 THEGINGERBREADGIRL Ian Hunter Ian Hunter M0 C0 R0 4 FT
Gross Time: 2:49.19 Mile Rate: 2:01.56 Margins: 2m x 3m x 2.5m
Last Mile: 1:59.84 Last Half: 57.94 Last Quarter: 28.09
Trial 4
2,240 METRES Class: T0 - T2 MOBILE START
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 MUSCLETONIAN Maree Caldow John Caldow TM0 T2 TR4 7 FT
2 NEVER NEVER LAND Arthur Wood Darby McGuigan TM0 T0 TR1 5 FT
3 POLYGRAPH Eric Hurley Greg Sugars TM0 T0 TR0 3 FT
4 PRINCESS KATERINA Fred Spiteri Richard Carauna TM0 T0 TR0 1 FT
5 AMICABLE Fred Spiteri Fred Spiteri TM0 T0 TR0 4 FT
6 TRUMPEM JOHNNY Andy Gath Alex Ashwood TM0 T2 TR3 6 FT
7 MEL DURANT Bill Earle Ginger Gleeson TM0 T0 TR0 2 FT
Gross Time: 2:53.98 Mile Rate: 2:05.00 Margins: 16m x 32.5m x 8m
Last Mile: 2:04.26 Last Half: 59.08 Last Quarter: 29.47
Trial 5
2,240 METRES Class: C2 - C5 MOBILE START
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 IAM AW SAM NZ Lance Justice Steven Matson M0 C3 R4 5 FT
2 RACER NZ Steve Alexandrou John Caldow M0 C5 R6 8 FT
3 JODIS CHOICE Jodi Quinlan Jodi Quinlan M0 C2 R2 2 FT
4 AMANDA VON Adam Kelly Zac Phillips M0 C5 R6 9 FT
5 LISANDROS Steve Alexandrou Charlie Borg M0 C2 R2 1 FT
6 CAMPAIGN DRIVE Philip Chircop Darby McGuigan M0 C3 R4 6 FT
7 SELLING THE DREAM NZ Andy Gath Michele Phillips M0 C2 R3 4 FT
8 STUNNING I AM Joe Vassallo Jeramey Quinlan M0 C2 R3 3 FT
9 MIDNIGHT LIGHTS Jack Bryant Ginger Gleeson M0 C4 R4 7 FT
Gross Time: 2:47.04 Mile Rate: 2:00.01 Margins: 5m x 1/2 Neck x 6m
Last Mile: 2:00.48 Last Half: 57.86 Last Quarter: 28.76
Trial 6
2,240 METRES Class: T6 or Better MOBILE START
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 ONE OVER DA MOON NZ Lance Justice Lance Justice TM4 T14 TR14 3 FT
2 MISS NOELLE NZ Maree Caldow John Caldow TM0 T6 TR7 2 FT
3 STUNNING JASPER Joe Vassallo Jeramey Quinlan TM0 T6 TR8 1 FT
Gross Time: 2:49.39 Mile Rate: 2:01.70 Margins: 3m x 84m
Last Mile: 2:00.49 Last Half: 58.62 Last Quarter: 28.92
Trial 7
2,240 METRES Class: C8 or Better MOBILE START
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 BATTLE BORN Andy Gath Kate Gath M2 C8 R8 1 FT
2 FOUR EX DAN Adam Kelly Zac Phillips M2 C12 R12 3 FT
3 BURNAHOLEINMYPOCKET NZ Andy Gath Alex Ashwood M4 C11 R11 2 FT
4 LOVABLE LARRIKIN Joe Pace Joe Pace M3 C22 R22 4 FT
Gross Time: 2:43.50 Mile Rate: 1:57.47 Margins: 3m x 1/2 Neck x 2.5m
Last Mile: 1:57.01 Last Half: 56.64 Last Quarter: 27.54
Trial 8
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 BIGONLUCK Anton Golino Zac Phillips 3TM0 3T1 3TR1 3 FT
2 ANGUSTINE Maree Caldow John Caldow 3TM0 3T0 3TR1 2 FT
3 MAPLE CROWN Brendan Said Brendan Said 3TM0 3T0 3TR0 1 FT
Gross Time: 2:55.69 Mile Rate: 2:06.23 Margins: 1.5m x 35.5m
Last Mile: 2:05.13 Last Half: 60.29 Last Quarter: 29.55
Trial 9
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 MEZIAH Maree Caldow John Caldow 2TM0 2T0 2TR0 2 FT
2 BAD POET Gary Bailey Darby McGuian 2TM0 2T0 2TR0 1 FT
3 AZTEC INTI NZ Anton Golino Zac Phillips 2TM0 2T0 2TR0 5 FT
4 ORLANDOS PRINCESS Gary Hoban Craig Hoban 2TM0 2T0 2TR0 6 FT
5 MAJESTIC PLAYER Anton Golino Alex Ashwood 2TM0 2T0 2TR0 3 FT
6 ILLAWONG BUZZ Jodi Quinlan Jodi Quinlan 2TM0 2T0 2TR0 4 FT
Gross Time: 2:58.59 Mile Rate: 2:08.31 Margins: 17.5m x 2m x 4.5m
Last Mile: 2:07.30 Last Half: 59.81 Last Quarter: 29.61

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