Explanation of Stewards Comments (New South Wales)
(L) last
(S) sires stakes race
0/1LTW 0/1LTW
0LTW 0 lifetime wins
0WL6 0 wins last 6 starts
0WTS 0 wins this season
1 leader
1/2LTW 1/2LTW
1/3LTW 1/3LTW
1/4LTW 1/4LTW
10 1 out 4 back
10000/M1M2 NW10000L4 AE M1/M2
10000L4 NW10000L4
10000L4/C2 NW10000L4 NBT C2
10000L4/C3 NW10000L4 NBT C3
10000L4/C4 NW10000L4 NBT C4
10000L4/C5 NW10000L4 NBT C5
10000L4/C6 NW10000L4 NBT C6
10000L4/C7 NW10000L4 NBT C7
10000L4/M0 NW10000L4 NBT M0
10000L4/M1 NW10000L4 AE M1
10000L4/M2 NW10000L4 NBT M2
10000L4/M3 NW10000L4 NBT M3
10000L4/M5 NW10000L4 NBT M5
10000L4/M8 NW10000L4 NBT M8
1000L4 NW1000L4
1000L4/C1 NW1000L4 NBT C1
1000L4/C2 NW1000L4 NBT C2
1000L4/C3 NW1000L4 NBT C3
1000L4/C4 NW1000L4 NBT C4
1000L4/R1 NW1000L4 NBT R1
1000L4/R2 NW1000L4 NBT R2
1000L4/R3 NW1000L4 NBT R3
1020L4/C3 NW1020L4 NBT C3
10500L4 NW10500L4
10500L4/C4 NW10500L4 NBT C4
1050L4/C0 NW1050L4 NBT C0
1050L4/C1 NW1050L4 NBT C1
1050L4/C2 NW1050L4 NBT C2
1080L4/C1 NW1080L4 NBT C1
11 6 back on the pegs
11000L4 NW11000L4
11000L4/M0 NW11000L4 NBT M0
1100L4 NW1100L4
1100L4/C1 NW1100L4 NBT C1
1100L4/C3 NW1100L4 NBT C3
11500L4/M4 NW11500L4 NBT M4
1150L4/R2 NW1150L4 NBT R2
12 1 out 5 back
12000L4 NW12000L4
12000L4/C4 NW12000L4 NBT C4
12000L4/M1 NW12000L4 AE M1
1200L4 NW1200L4
1200L4/2LT NW1200L4 NMT2LTW
1200L4/C1 NW1200L4 NBT C1
1200L4/C3 NW1200L4 NBT C3
1200L4/C4 NW1200L4 NBT C4
1200L4/R1 NW1200L4 NBT R1
1200L4/R2 NW1200L4 NBT R2
1200L4/R3 NW1200L4 NBT R3
12500L4/C7 NW12500L4 NBT C7
12500L4/M2 NW12500L4 NBT M2
1250L4 NW1250L4
1250L4/C1 NW1250L4 NBT C1
1250L4/C2 NW1250L4 NBT C2
1250L4/R1 NW1250L4 NBT R1
13 7 back on the pegs
1300L4 NW1300L4
1300L4/2LT 1300L4 NMT2LTW
1300L4/2LW NW1300L4 NMT2LTW
1300L4/C1 NW1300L4 NBT C1
1300L4/C2 NW1300L4 NBT C2
1300L4/C3 NW1300L4 NBT C3
1300L4/C4 NW1300L4 NBT C4
13500L4 NW13500L4
1350L4 NW1350L4
14 1 out 6 back
1400L4 NW1400L4
1400L4/C1 NW1400L4 NBT C1
1400L4/C2 NW1400L4 MBT C2
1400L4/C4 NW1400L4 NBT C4
1400L4/R1 NW1400L4 NBT R1
1400L4/R3 NW1400L4 NBT R3
15 8 back on the pegs
15000/M1M2 NW15000L4 AE M1/M2
15000L4 NW15000L4
15000L4/C7 NW15000 NBT C7
15000L4/M1 NW15000L4 AE M1
15000L4/M2 NW15000L4 AE M1/M2
15000L4/M3 NW15000L4 NBT M3
15000LT NW15000LT
1500L4 NW1500L4
1500L4/C0 NW1500L4 NBT C0
1500L4/C1 NW1500L4 NBT C1
1500L4/C2 NW1500L4 NBT C2
1500L4/C3 NW1500L4 NBT C3
1500L4/C4 NW1500L4 NBT C4
1500L4/C5 NW1500L4 NBT C5
1500L4/C6 NW1500L4 NBT C6
1500L4/R1 NW1500L4 NBT R1
1500L4/R2 NW1500L4 NBT R2
1500L4/R4 NW1500L4 NBT R4
1500L5 NW1500L5
1500L5/C2 NW1500L5 NBT C2
1550L4/C1 NW1550L4 NBT C1
1550L4/C3 NW1550L4 NBT C3
1550L4/R2 NW1550L4 NBT R2
1550L4/R3 NW1550L4 NBT R3
16 1 out 7 back
16000L4 NW16000L4
1600L4 NW1600L4
1600L4/C1 NW1600L4 NBT C1
1600L4/C3 NW1600L4 NBT C3
1600L4/R1 NW1600L4 NBT R1
1650L4/C1 NW1650L4 NBT C1
17 tailed off
1700L4/C1 NW1700L4 NBT C1
1700L4/C2 NW1700L4 NBT C2
1700L4/R1 NW1700L4 NBT R1
1750L4 NW1750L4
1750L4/C1 NW1750L4 NBT C1
1750L4/R2 NW1750L4 NBT R2
1750L4/R4 NW1750L4 NBT R4
1800L4/C1 NW1800L4 NBT C1
1800L4/C3 NW1800L4 NBT C3
1800L4/R3 NW1800L4 NBT R3
1850L4 NW1850L4
1850L4/C1 NW1850L4 NBT C1
19 9 back on the pegs
1900L4/C2 NW1900L4 NBT C2
1ODM 1st odm
2 outside leader
2/3LTW 2/3 lifetime wins
2/4LTW 2/4LTW
2/5LTW 2/5LTW
20000L4 NW20000L4
20000L4/M1 NW20000L4 AE M1/M2
2000L4 NW2000L4
2000L4/C0 NW2000L4 NBT C0
2000L4/C1 NW2000L4 NBT C1
2000L4/C2 NW2000L4 NBT C2
2000L4/C3 NW2000L4 NBT C3
2000L4/C4 NW2000L4 NBT C4
2000L4/C5 NW2000L4 NBT C5
2000L4/M0 NW2000L4 NBT M0
2000L4/M1 NW2000L4 NBT M1
2000L4/R1 NW2000L4 NBT R1
2000L4/R2 NW2000L4 NBT R2
2000L4/R3 NW2000L4 NBT R3
2000L5 not won $2000 last 5 starts
2000L5/C5 NW2000L5 NBT C5
2050L4/C2 NW2050L4 NBT C2
2050L4/C4 NW2050L4 NBT C4
2050L4/R2 NW2050L4 NBT R2
2100L4 NW2100L4
2100L4/3LT NW2100L4 NMT3LTW
2100L4/C1 NW2100L4 NBT C1
2100L4/C3 NW2100L4 NBT C3
2100L4/C4 NW2100L4 NBT C4
2100L4/R1 NW2100L4 NBT R1
2100L5/R3 NW2100L5 NBT R3
2150L4 NW2150L4
22000L4 NW22000L4
22000L4/M1 NW22000L4 AE M1
2200L4/C1 NW2200L4 NBT C1
2200L4/C2 NW2200L4 NBT C2
2200L4/C4 NW2200L4 NBT C4
2200L4/C7 NW2200L4 NBT C7
2250L4/C3 NW2250L4 NBT C3
2300L4/C3 NW2300L4 NBT C3
2400L4/C2 NW2400L4 NBT C2
25000L4 NW25000L4
2500L4 NW2500L4
2500L4/C1 NW2500L4 NBT C1
2500L4/C12 NW2500L4 NBT C12
2500L4/C2 NW2500L4 NBT C2
2500L4/C3 NW2500L4 NBT C3
2500L4/C4 NW2500L4 NBT C4
2500L4/C5 NW2500L4 NBT C5
2500L4/C7 NW2500L4 NBT C7
2500L4/C8 NW2500L4 NBT C8
2500L4/C9 NW2500L4 NBT C9
2500L4/M1 NW2500L4 NBT M1
2500L4/R1 NW2500L4 NBT R1
2500L4/R4 NW2500L4 NBT R4
2500L4/TR3 NW2500L3 NBT TR3
2500L5 NW2500L5
2600L4 NW2600L4
2600L4/C2 NW2600L4 NBT C2
2600L4/C3 NW2600L4 NBT C3
2600L4/C5 NW2600L4 NBT C5
2600L4/R1 NW2600L4 NBT R1
2600L4/R2 NW2600L4 NBT R2
2650L4/C1 NW2650L4 NBT C1
2700L4/C2 NW2700L4 NBT C2
2700L4/C3 NW2700L4 NBT C3
2800L4/C1 NW2800L4 NBT C1
2TRIALS 2 trials
3 behind leader
3/4LTW 3/4 lifetime wins
3/5LTW 3/5 lifetime wins
3/6LTW 3/6 lifetime wins
3/7LTW 3/7LTW
3/8LTW 3/8LTW
30000L4/M3 NW30000L4 NBT M3
30000LT NW30000LT
3000L4 NW3000L4
3000L4/C0 NW3000L4 NBT C0
3000L4/C1 NW3000L4 NBT C1
3000L4/C2 NW3000L4 NBT C2
3000L4/C3 NW3000L4 NBT C3
3000L4/C4 NW3000L4 NBT C4
3000L4/C5 NW3000L4 NBT C5
3000L4/M1 NW3000L4 NBT M1
3000L4/M2 NW3000L4 NBT M2
3000L4/R1 NW3000L4 NBT R1
3000L4/R3 NW3000L4 NBT R3
3000L4/TR3 NW3000L4 NBT TR3
3000L5 not won $3000 last 5 starts
3100L4/C8 NW3100L4 NBT C8
3300L4 NW3300L4
3300L4/C1 NW3300L4 NBT C1
3300L4/R2 NW3300L4 NBT R2
3400L4/C1 NW3400L4 NBT C1
3400L4/C2 NW3400L4 NBT C2
3500L4 NW3500L4
3500L4/C0 NW3500L4 NBT C0
3500L4/C1 NW3500L4 NBT C1
3500L4/C2 NW3500L4 NBT C2
3500L4/C3 NW3500L4 NBT C3
3500L4/C4 NW3500L4 NBT C4
3500L4/C5 NW3500L4 NBT C5
3500L4/C6 NW3500L4 NBT C6
3500L4/M1 NW3500L4 NBT M1
3500L4/R1 NW3500L4 NBT R1
3500L4/R4 NW3500L4 NBT R4
3500L4/T3 NW3500L4 NBT T3
3500L4/T4 NW3500L4 NBT T4
3500L4/TR3 NW3500L4 NBT TR3
3500L4/TR4 NW3500L4 NBT TR4
3500L5 NW3500L5
3550L4/C2 NW3550L4 NBT C2
3600L4/C4 NW3600L4 NBT C4
3700L4 NW3700L4
3700L4/C0 NW3700L4 NBT C0
3700L4/C1 NW3700L4 NBT C1
3750L4/R1 NW3750L4 NBT R1
3800L4/C2 NW3800L4 NBT C2
3L 2400m
3W three wide
3WE 3 wide early stages
3WET 3 wide early with trail
3WL 3 wide latter stages
3WLT 3 wide late with trail
3WM three wide middle
3WMT 3 wide middle with trail
4 1 out 1 back
4/6LTW 4/6LTW
4/7LTW 4/7LTW
400 400m
4000L4 NW4000L4
4000L4/C1 NW4000L4 NBT C1
4000L4/C2 NW4000L4 NBT C2
4000L4/C3 NW4000L4 NBT C3
4000L4/C4 NW4000L4 NBT C4
4000L4/C5 NW4000L4 NBT C5
4000L4/C6 NW4000L4 NBT C6
4000L4/C9 NW4000L4 NBT C9
4000L4/M0 NW4000L4 NBT M0
4000L4/M1 NW4000L4 NBT M1
4000L4/M2 NW4000L4 NBT M2
4000L4/R1 NW4000L4 NBT R1
4000L4/R2 NW4000L4 NBT R2
4000L4/R3 NW4000L4 NBT R3
4000L4/R4 NW4000L4 NBT R4
4000L4/R8 NW4000L4 NBT R8
4000L6/C2 NW4000L6 NBT C2
4100L4 NW4100L4
4100L4/C1 NW4100L4 NBT C1
4100L4/C2 NW4100L4 NBT C2
4200L4 NW4200L4
4200L4/C1 NW4200L4 NBT C1
4200L4/C2 NW4200L4 NBT C2
4200L4/C3 NW4200L4 NBT C3
4250L4/M2 NW4250L4 NBT M2
4300L4 NW4300L4
4300L4/C5 NW4300L4 NBT C5
4300L4/R1 NW4300L4 NBT R1
4400L4/C4 NW4400L4 NBT C4
4500L4 NW4500L4
4500L4/C1 NW4500L4 NBT C1
4500L4/C2 NW4500L4 NBT C2
4500L4/C3 NW4500L4 NBT C3
4500L4/C4 NW4500L4 NBT C4
4500L4/C5 NW4500L4 NBT C5
4500L4/C6 NW4500L4 NBT C6
4500L4/C7 NW4500L4 NBT C7
4500L4/C9 NW4500L4 NBT C9
4500L4/M0 NW4500L4 NBT M0
4500L4/M1 NW4500L4 NBT M1
4500L4/M2 NW4500L4 NBT M2
4500L4/R3 NW4500L4 NBT R3
4500L4/R4 NW4500L4 NBT R4
450L4/C1 NW450L4 NBT C1
4600L4 NW4600L4
4600L4/C1 NW4600L4 NBT C1
4600L4/C2 NW4600L4 NBT C2
4600L4/C4 NW4600L4 NBT C4
4600L4/C6 NW4600L4 NBT C6
4600L4/M0 NW4600L4 NBT M0
4700L4/R1 NW4700L4 NBT R1
4900L4 NW4900L4
4W 4 wide
4W1 4 wide and 1 back
4WE four wide early stages
4WL four wide late
4WM four wide middle stages
5 3 back on pegs
5000L3 NW5000L3
5000L4 NW5000L4
5000L4/C0 NW5000L4 NBT C0
5000L4/C1 NW5000L4 NBT C1
5000L4/C10 NW5000L4 NBT C10
5000L4/C2 NW5000L4 NBT C4
5000L4/C3 NW5000L4 NBT C3
5000L4/C4 NW5000L4 NBT C4
5000L4/C5 NW5000L4 NBT C5
5000L4/C6 NW5000L4 NBT C6
5000L4/C9 NW5000L4 NBT C9
5000L4/M1 NW5000L4 AE M1
5000L4/R1 NW5000L4 NBT R1
5000L4/R2 NW5000L4 NBT R2
5000L4/R3 5000L4 NBT R3
5000L4/R4 NW5000L4 NBT R4
5000LT NW5000 lifetime
500L4/C1 NW500L4 NBT C1
500L4/C2 NW500L4 NBT C2
500L4/R1 NW500L4 NBT R1
5050L4/C2 NW5050L4 NBT C2
5100L4/C1 NW5100L4 NBT C1
5100L4/C2 NW2100L4 NBT C2
5100L4/C3 NW5100L4 NBT C3
5100L4/C4 NW5100L4 NBT C4
5200L4/C2 NW5200L4 NBT C2
5200L4/C3 NW5200L4 NBT C3
5200L4/C4 NW5200L4 NBT C4
5200L4/R1 NW5200L4 NBT R1
5200L4/R3 NW5200L4 NBT R3
5300L4/C2 NW5300L4 NBT C2
5500L4 NW5500L4
5500L4/C0 NW5500L4 NBT C0
5500L4/C1 NW5500 NBT C1
5500L4/C10 NW5500L4 NBT C10
5500L4/C2 NW5500L4 NBT C2
5500L4/C3 NW5500L4 NBT C3
5500L4/C4 NW5500L4 NBT C4
5500L4/C5 NW5500L4 NBT C5
5500L4/C6 NW5500L4 NBT C6
5500L4/C7 NW5500L4 NBT C7
5500L4/M0 NW5500L4 NBT M0
5500L4/M1 NW5500L4 NBT M1
5500L4/M2 NW5500L4 NBT M2
5500L4/M3 NW5500L4 NBT M3
5500L4/M5 NW5500L4 NBT M5
5500L4/R1 NW5500L4 NBT R1
5500L4/R5 NW5500L4 NBT R5
5500L4/T4 NW5500L4 NBT T4
550L4/C1 NW550L4 NBT C1
5600L4/C1 NW5600L4 NBT C1
5700L4/C3 NW5700L4 NBT C3
5OMLTW 5 or more lifetime wins
5WL five wide late
6 1 out 2 back
6000L4 NW6000L4
6000L4/C1 NW6000L4 NBT C1
6000L4/C2 NW6000L4 NBT C2
6000L4/C3 NW6000L4 NBT C3
6000L4/C4 NW6000L4 NBT C4
6000L4/C5 NW6000l4 NBT C5
6000L4/M1 NW6000L4 AE M1
6000L4/M2 NW6000L4 NBT M2
6000L4/M3 NW6000L4 NBT M3
6000L4/R2 NW6000L4 NBT R2
6000L4/R3 NW6000L4 NBT R3
600L4/3LTW NW600L4 NMT3LTW
600L4/C1 NW600L4 NBT C1
600L4/C2 NW600L4 NBT C2
600L4/R1 NW600L4 NBT R1
600L4/R2 NW600L4 NBT R2
6100L4 NW6100L4
6200L4 NW6200L4
6200L4/C4 NW6200L4 NBT C4
6250L4 NW6250L4
6300L4/C5 NW6300L4 NBT C5
6500L4 NW6500L4
6500L4/C1 NW6500L4 NBT C1
6500L4/C4 NW6500L4 NBT C4
6500L4/M1 NW6500L4 NBT M1
6500L4/M2 NW3500L4 NBT M2
6500L4/M3 NW6500L4 NBT M3
6500L4/R3 NW6500L4 NBT R3
650L4/C1 NW650L4 NBT C1
650L4/R1 NW650L4 NBT C1
6600L4/C4 NW6600L4 NBT C4
6700L4 NW6700L4
6900L4/C2 NW6900L4 NBT C2
6OMLTW 6 or more lifetime wins
7 4 back on the pegs
7000L4 NW7000L4
7000L4/C2 NW7000L4 NBT C2
7000L4/C3 NW7000L4 NBT C3
7000L4/C4 NW7000L4 NBT C4
7000L4/C5 NW7000L4 NBT C5
7000L4/C6 NW7000L4 NBT C6
7000L4/M1 NW7000L4 NBT M1
7000L4/M3 NW7000L4 NBT M3
700L4 NW700L4
700L4/C1 NW700L4 NBT C1
700L4/R1 NW700L4 NBT R1
7200L4/C4 NW7200L4 NBT C4
720L4/R1 NW720L4 NBT R1
7500L4 NW7500L4
7500L4/C1 NW7500L4 NBT C1
7500L4/C2 NW7500L4 NBT C2
7500L4/C4 NW7500L4 NBT C4
7500L4/C5 NW7500L4 NBT C5
7500L4/C6 NW7500L4 NBT C6
7500L4/C7 NW7500L4 NBT C7
7500L4/M0 NW7500L4 NBT M0
7500L4/M1 NW7500L4 AE M1
7500L4/M4 NW7500L4 NBT M4
750L4/C2 NW750L4 NBT C2
750L4/C4 NW750L4 NBT C4
7OMLTW 7 or more lifetime wins
8 1 out 3 back
800 800m
8000L4 NW8000L4
8000L4/C1 NW8000L4 NBT C1
8000L4/C2 NW8000L4 NBT C2
8000L4/C3 NW800034 NBT C3
8000L4/C5 NW8000L4 NBT C5
8000L4/C6 NW8000L4 NBT C6
8000L4/M1 NW8000L4 NBT M1
8000L4/M3 NW8000L4 NBT M3
8000L4/M5 NW8000L4 NBT M5
800L4 NW800L4
800L4/C1 NW800L4 NBT C1
800L4/C2 NW800L4 NBT C2
800L4/C3 NW800L4 NBT C3
800L4/C4 NW800L4 NBT C4
800L4/R3 NW800L4 NBT R3
8200L4/C8 NW8200L4 NBT C8
8500L4 NW8500L4
8500L4/C2 NW8500L4 NBT C2
8500L4/C5 NW8500L4 NBT C5
8500L4/M0 NW8500L4 NBT M0
8500L4/M1 NW8500L4 NBT M1
850L4 NW850L4
850L4/C1 NW850L4 NBT C1
850L4/C2 NW850L4 NBT C2
850L4/R1 NW850L4 NBT R1
850L4/R2 NW850L4 NBT R2
850L4/R3 NW850L4 NBT R3
8OMLTW 8 or more lifetime wins
9 5 back on the pegs
9000L4 NW9000L4
900L4/C1 NW900L4 NBT C1
900L4/C3 NW900L4 NBT C3
900L4/R1 NW900L4 NBT R1
9500L4 NW9500L4
AF1 Atrial Fibrillation 1st time
AF2 Atrial Fibrillation 2nd time
AF3 Atrial Fibrillation 3rd time
B broke
BA began awkwardly
BAS broke after start
BB began badly
BBTF began badly and trailed field
BCE NSW Breeders Challenge Eligible Only
BCL barrier caught legs
BCS barrier caught sulky
BG broke gear
BL bell lap
BLD1 bled 1st time
BLD2 bled 2nd time
BLD3 bled 3rd time
BLED bled
BMD back in mobile draw
BS broke at start
BSD back in standing start draw
BSU broke in score up
BU bucked
BUP broke under pressure
BW buckled wheel
BX2 broke twice
BX3 broke three times
BX4 broke four times
C checked
C0 C0
C0/C1 C0/C1
C1 C1
C1/C2 C1/C2
C2 C2
C2/C4 C2/C4
CARE careless driving
CARELESS Careless driving
CAS checked after start
CB checked and broke
CBAS checked and broke after start
CBSU checked and broke in score-up
CD choked down
CDO Concession Drivers Only
CF crossfired
CFS caused false start
CFSX2 caused false start twice
CI caused interference
CLM claimed
CMP contacted marker pegs
CODM continue outside mobile draw
CODS continue ods
CONT Continue
COS contacted own sulky
COT change of tactics
COTFB change of tactics, further back
COTFC change of tactics, forward with cover
COTFF change of tactics, further forward
COTLA change of tactics, less aggressively
COTMA change of tactics, more aggressively
CP cast plate (lost shoe)
CPE Career Penalty Event
CR condition reported
CR1 Cardiac Arrhythmia 1st time
CR2 Cardiac Arrhythmia 2nd time
CR3 Cardiac Arrhythmia 3rd time
CRODM continue right outside mobile draw
CRODS continued right out of stand start draw
CRR checked and raced roughly
CRRAS checked and raced roughly after start
CS checked at start
CSU checked score-up
CTBA contacted barrier arm
CTR contacted rail
CTS contacted sulky
CWE caught wide early
CX2 checked twice
D/D3M driver disqualified 3 months
D/F$10 driver fined $10
D/F$100 driver fined $100
D/F$1000 driver fined $1000
D/F$120 driver fined $120
D/F$150 driver fined $150
D/F$1500 driver fined $1500
D/F$20 driver fined $20
D/F$200 driver fined $200
D/F$2000 driver fined $2000
D/F$25 Driver fined $25
D/F$250 driver fined $250
D/F$300 driver fined $300
D/F$40 driver fined $40
D/F$400 driver fined $400
D/F$50 driver fined $50
D/F$500 driver fined $500
D/F$600 Driver Fine $600
D/F$800 driver fined $800
D/R driver reprimanded
D/RCI driver rep. causing interference
D/RCMP driver rep. contacted marker pegs
D/RDF driver rep. dropped foot
D/RDH driver rep. dropped hands
D/RDWIR driver rep. driving where insufficient r
D/RE driver rep. evidence
D/REP driver rep. easing pace
D/RFP driver rep. frivolous protest
D/RFRW driver rep. forcing runner wider
D/RHC driver rep. half carting
D/RJ driver rep. jostling
D/RLAR driver rep. looking around
D/RLC driver rep. lack of control
D/RN driver rep. noise
D/RNOC driver rep not on course by appointed ti
D/RNOISE driver rep. noise
D/RNOS driver rep. not obeying starter
D/RPR driver rep. late in parade ring
D/RSG driver rep. shifting ground
D/RSL driver rep. sprint lane
D/RSLACKEN driver rep. slackening pace
D/RSP driver rep. starting position
D/RSU driver rep. score up
D/RT driver rep. tightening
D/RTALK driver rep. talking
D/RTR driver rep. trailing
D/RUD driver rep. unacceptable drive
D/RUW driver rep. unacceptable whip
D/RW driver rep. whip
D/S driver suspended
D/S10D driver suspended 10 days
D/S10W driver suspended 10 weeks
D/S11D driver suspended 11 days
D/S12W driver suspended 12 weeks
D/S14D driver suspended 14 days
D/S17D Driver suspended 17 days
D/S18D driver suspended 18 days
D/S21D driver suspended 21 days
D/S25D driver suspended 25 days
D/S28D driver suspended 28 days
D/S2W driver suspended 2 weeks
D/S4W driver suspended 4 weeks
D/S5M driver suspended 5 months
D/S5W driver suspended 5 weeks
D/S6M driver suspended 6 months
D/S6W driver suspended 6 weeks
D/S7D driver suspended 7 days
D/S8W driver suspended 8 weeks
D/SD driver stood down
D/SUD driver susp. unacceptable drive
DANG dangerous driving
DBB dropped bell boot
DD driver dislodged
DF dropped foot
DFTR deafeners failed to release
DH dead heat
DISQ disqualified
DIST distanced
DKB dropped knee boot
DKBX2 dropped both knee boots
DMW damaged wheel
DNR declared non runner
DR dropped rein
DRP deafeners released prematurely
DS delayed start
DSB dropped shin & tendon boot
DW dropped whip
DWIR driving where insuffient room
FB fractious at barrier
FD failed
FELL fell
FF failed to finish
FG faulty gear
FIAR found injured after race
FOUL foul driving
FP frivolous protest
FRW force runner wide
FSU fractious in score-up
FT flat tyre
FTF failed to finish
FTX2 flat tyre x 2
FUR Follow Up Report
FW forced wide
G galloped
GE galloped excessively
GF gear failure
GM gear malfunction
GMSU Gear malfunction score up
GO galloped out
GRASS Grass Track
GS gate speed
HC half carting
HI hung in
HIAS hung in after start
HISU hung in score up
HIUP hung in under pressure
HO hung out
HOAS hung out after start
HOSU hung out score-up
HOUP hung out under pressure
HU held up
HUE held up early
HUL Held up late
IMPRO improper driving
INC inconvenienced
INCAS inconvenienced after start
INCOM incompetent driving
INCS inconvenienced before start
INCSU inconv. score up
INCX2 Inconvenienced twice
INQADJ inquiry adjourned
INSG insecure gear
INTIM intimidatory driving
JB jumped barrier
JO jumped object
JOS jostling
JS jumped shadow
JSS jumped sideways at start
JSSU jumped shadow score-up
JSU Jibbed in score up
L led
L1OP lost 1st on protest
L2OP lost 2nd on protest
L3OP lost 3rd on protest
L4OP lost 4th on protest
LAR Looking Around
LC last chance
LCD last chance in draw
LCMS last chance mobile starts
LCRT last chance to race truly
LCSS last chance standing starts
LD lost driver
LM lost mudguard
LOC lack of control
LPR late in parade ring
LR lost rider
LS locked stays
LTW lost toe weight
LW locked wheels
LWAS locked wheels after start
LWSU locked wheels in score up
M 1600m
MFT mudguard fouled tyre
MH 2400m
ML1 Mares Level 1
ML2 Mares Level 2
MVS moving start
NAR No Abnormalities Reported
NAT no action taken
NBTC0 no better than C0
NBTC1 no better than C1
NBTC2 no better than C2
NBTC3 no better than C3
NBTC4 no better than C4
NBTC5 no better than C5
NBTC6 no better than C6
NBTC7 no better than C7
NBTC8 no better than C8
NBTM0 no better than M0
NBTM1 no better than M1
NBTM2 no better than M2
NBTM3 No better than M3
NBTM4 no better than M4
NBTM5 no better than M5
NBTR0 no better than R0
NBTR1 no better than R1
NBTR2 no better than R2
NBTR3 no better than R3
NBTR4 no better than R4
NBTR5 no better than R5
NBTR6 no better than R6
NBTT3 no better than T3
NBTT4 no better than T4
NCR no clear run
NCRVS no clear run vital stage
NMT1LTW No more than 1 lifetime win
NMT1WLS no more than 1 win last season
NMT1WTS no more than 1 win this season
NMT2WTS no more than 2 wins this season
NMT3LTW no more than 3 lifetime wins
NOISE improper noise
NQ not qualified
NRMR nomination refused metro
NW15000LT not won $15000 lifetime
NW20000LT not won $20000 lifetime
NW40000LT not won $40000 lifetime
NW50000LT not won $50000 lifetime
NWCPE Not Won Career Penalty Event
NWL3 not won last 3 starts
NWL4 Not won in last 4 starts
NWL5 not won last 5 starts
NWL6 not won last 6 starts
NWL8 not won last 8 starts
NWML6 not won a Metro Penalty event in last 6
NWMT2CR not won more than 2 C Penalty races
NWMT3CR NWMT 3 Career Penalty Races
NWMT50000 Not won more than $50000
NWTS not won this season
ODM out of draw in mobile starts
ODMREQ odm requested
ODS out of draw in standing starts
OIR obtained inside run
OLT outside leader throughout
OPS out of position at start
OPSCP out of position at candy pole
OV overraced
P paced
P/SWAB pre race swab
PAS paced after start
PB paced and broke
PBAS paced and broke after start
PBSU paced and broke in score up
PBT Post Race Blood Test
PE Penalty Exempt
PH pulled hard
PHSU pulled hard in score-up
PL protest lodged
PL1D protest lodged 1st dismissed
PL1U protest lodged 1st upheld
PL2D protest lodged 2nd dismissed
PL2U protest lodged 2nd upheld
PL3D protest lodged 3rd dismissed
PL3U protest lodged 3rd upheld
PL4D protest lodged 4th dismissed
PL4U protest lodged 4th upheld
PL5D protest lodged 5th dismissed
PL5U protest lodged 5th upheld
PLD protest lodged dismissed
PLU protest lodged upheld
PP performed poorly
PR paced roughly
PRAS paced roughly at start
PRBT pre race blood test
PRP pins released prematurely
PRS Pre race swab
PRSU paced roughly at start
PRWU Pre Race Warm Up
PSU paced score up
PU pulled up
PX3 paced three times
QDT Query driving tactics
QIP query improved performance
QM qualified mobiles
QPP quer poor performance
QS qualified stands
QTS qualifying trials
QUER run queried
QUERACCEPT query accepted
QUERDT query driving tactics
QUERIP query improved performance
QUERNOTED query noted
QUERP query performance
R retired
R0 R0
RAP relegated after protest
RAS restrained after start
RCW restrained caught wide
RE raced erratically
REAS raced erratically after start
RECK reckless driving
REL relegated
RELEGATED relegated
RES restrained early stages
RESU raced erratically during the score-up
REUP raced erratic under pressure
RF raced fiercely
RFB reared and fell before start
RFBS raced fiercely before start
RFS reared and fell at start
RFSU raced fiercely during the score-up
RG raced greenly
RGAS raced greenly after start
RGSU raced greenly score-up
RGUP raced greenly under pressure
RMS restrained middle stages
RODM right outside draw in mobile starts
RODS right outside draw in standing starts
RQM requalified mobile
RR raced roughly
RRAS raced roughly after start
RRSU raced roughly in score up
RRUP raced roughly under pressure
RS reared at the start
RSU refused to score-up
RT requalifying trial
RTL restrained to last
RU raced ungenerously
RUSU raced ungenerously in score-up
RW raced wide
SBE NSW State Bred Eligible Only
SC severely checked
SCAS severely checked after start
SCB severely checked & broke
SCBAS Severely checked & broke after start
SCF severely checked and fell
SCS severely checked at start
SCT sulky contacted
SD stood down
SD/ECG stood down pending electrocardiograph
SD10D stood down 10 days
SD14D stood down 14 days
SD1T stood down 1 trial
SD1TSS stood down 1 trial stand starts
SD21D stood down 21 days
SD22D stood down 22 days
SD28D stood down 28 days
SD2T stood down 2 trials
SD2TSS stood down 2 trials stand starts
SD3M stood down 3 months
SD3M1T stood down 3 months 1 trial rule 226
SD3T stood down 3 trials
SD4T stood down 4 trials
SD4W stood down 4 weeks
SD56D stood down 56 days
SD6D stood down 6 days
SD6M stood down 6 months
SD6T stood down 6 trials
SD6W stood down 6 weeks
SD7D stood down 7 days
SDDAY stood down day meetings
SDECG stood down pending electrocardiograph
SDENDO Stood down endoscopic
SDGRASS stood down grass
SDL stood down life
SDME stood down menangle park
SDR183(A) Stood down R183(a) pending inquiry
SDSS stood down standing start races
SDSS28D stood down standing start races-28 days
SDVC stood down vet certificate
SFF stood flat footed at start
SFTR shorteners failed to release
SG shifted ground
SGS showed gate speed
SH slow half
SHD shied
SHI shifted in
SHO shifted out
SIAS Shifted in after start
SIUP shifted in under pressure
SL surrendered lead
SLE Surrendered lead early
SLM Surrendered lead middle
SO slowly out
SOAS shifted out after start
SOUP shifted out under pressure
SP starting position
SPELL horse to be spelled
SPS sprung shoe
SRP shortener released prematurely
SSEC slow sectional
SSS swung sideways at start
SSU slow to score up
STOP race stopped and re-run
STOPPED race stopped declared no-race
SU score up
SWAB swabbed
SWAB/P post race swab
SWAB/U unsuccessfully swabbed
T tightened
T/F trainer fined
T/F$100 trainer fined $100
T/F$20 trainer fined $20
T/F$200 trainer fined $200
T/F$300 trainer fined $300
T/F$40 trainer fined $40
T/F$400 trainer fined $400
T/F$50 trainer fined $50
T/F$500 trainer fined $500
T/R trainer reprimanded
T/RDNOC trainer rep failing to notify driver not
T/RLDC trainer reprimanded late driver change
T/S3M trainer suspended 3 months
T/S6M trainer suspended 6 months
T0/T1 T0/T1
TALKING talking
TAS Tightened after start
TF trailed field
TFW tyre fouled wheel
TIRE tired badly
TIRED tired
TNCP took no competitive part
TNG tightning
TNP Took no part
TO Tailed Off
TOB tongue over bit
TOS trod on shoe
TR trailing a wheel
UD unacceptable drive
UHT unable to handle track
UP positive swab upgrade
UPL6 unplaced last 6 starts
USL used sprint lane
UTHL unable to hold lead
UW unacceptable whip
VDAR virus detected after race
VI veered in
VIAS veered in after start
VIS veered in at start
VO veered out
VOS veered out at start
VXAH Aged Horse Vet Examination
VXAR vet's examination after race
VXBR veterinary examination before race
W1 three wide without cover
W10 4 wide and 2 back
W2 3 wide and 1 back
W3 3 wide and 2 back
W4 3 wide 3 back
W5 4 wide
W6 3 wide and 4 back
W7 3 wide and 5 back
W8 5 wide
W9 6 wide
WF worked forward
WHIP not to use whip
WI warning issued
WO walkover
WP withstood protest
WUS walk up start