Australian Harness Racing Rules 197-201


Please Note:   All forms mentioned in the Rules are available from State Controlling Bodies.  

Please Note:  On 1st March 2008 Harness Racing Australia Inc (HRA) replaced Australian Harness Racing Council Inc (AHRC) as the organisation's name.  All AHRC's formal structures, rules, regulations, policies, processes etc., now pertain to HRA, and any reference to Australian Harness Racing Council Inc, AHRC, Council or The Council shall mean Harness Racing Australia Inc or HRA.


197.  Prizemonies shall be paid in the percentages and in any manner determined from time to time by the Controlling Body.

Winner only

198.  (1)  Where only 1 horse takes part in a race it must complete the course at the specified gait unless the Stewards otherwise direct.

(2)  Where a horse takes part in a race in accordance with sub rule (1), only one half of the winner's prizemonies shall be paid.

(3)  Where 2 or more horses take part in a race but no horse is placed except the winner, prizemonies for the second or lower placed horse shall be retained by the club or other body conducting the meeting.

Dead heats

199.  (1)  Subject to sub rule (2), in the case of a dead heat for any place by 2 or more horses, the owners thereof shall divide equally all the money or other prize which any of them would have received if there had not been a dead heat.

(2)  Where the owners of horses running a dead heat cannot agree who is to have a cup or other indivisible prize the matter shall be determined by the Stewards by lot.

Refund of prizemoney

200.  (1)  Any prizemoney or trophy won by a horse which has been disqualified under these rules shall, if paid out or presented, be refunded or returned immediately by the connections to the club which conducted the race or to the Controlling Body.

(2)  A person who fails to comply with sub rule (1) is guilty of an offence.


201.  (1)  Prizemoney which might be affected by -

(a)  an objection;

(b)  the carrying out of any test;

(c)  the analysis of any blood, urine, saliva, or other matter or sample or specimen;

(d)  an inquiry or investigation;

(e)  an appeal to the Controlling Body or an Appeals Tribunal -

shall be withheld.

(2)  Should prizemonies be paid out before an objection is lodged, the decision reached on the objection does not affect the payment.


Rules Effective from 1st September 1999 (State Controlling Bodies must adopt)
Rules Approved - 16th March 1999 (AHRC Meeting)

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