Australian Harness Racing Rules 123-125


Please Note:   All forms mentioned in the Rules are available from State Controlling Bodies. 

Please Note:  On 1st March 2008 Harness Racing Australia Inc (HRA) replaced Australian Harness Racing Council Inc (AHRC) as the organisation's name.  All AHRC's formal structures, rules, regulations, policies, processes etc., now pertain to HRA, and any reference to Australian Harness Racing Council Inc, AHRC, Council or The Council shall mean Harness Racing Australia Inc or HRA.


123. (1)  The Controlling Body may make handicapping rules or adopt the handicapping rules of another body.

(2)  Handicapping rules whether made or adopted may be amended or repealed by the Controlling Body.

Conflicts of interest

124. (1)  No handicapper shall exercise any power conferred by these rules or the handicapping rules in respect of any matter in which the handicapper has a financial or family interest or which in any other way gives rise to a conflict of interest.

(2)  No handicapper shall bet or have a financial interest in any bet on a race.

(3)  No handicapper shall be engaged, whether alone or in any type of association with others, in any business or activity involving the ownership, breeding, sale, lease, training, racing or management of horses connected with the harness racing industry.

(4)  Unless the Controlling Body directs otherwise, the office of a handicapper is vacated if the handicapper does any of the things mentioned in this rule.

(5)  Unless the Controlling Body directs otherwise, a handicapper’s office is vacated if the handicapper's spouse, or domestic partner becomes involved in or acquires an interest in any business or activity described in sub rule (3).


125. (1)  A person shall not improperly influence, or attempt to improperly influence, a handicapper in the performance of the handicapper’s duties.

(2)  A person who fails to comply with sub rule (1) is guilty of an offence.


Rules Effective from 1st September 1999 (State Controlling Bodies must adopt)
Rules Approved - 16th March 1999 (AHRC Meeting)

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