Trial Results

CRANBOURNE - Saturday, 03 February 2018

Trial 1
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 SUPPLEMENTS Ray Mathews Ray Mathews TM0 T2 TR2 3 10
2 KNOCKED OFF EARLY Peter Goudie Peter Goudie TM0 T1 TR2 2 10
3 CHRISKEN KIOSK Ken Browne Ken Browne TM0 T1 TR1 1 FT
Gross Time: 2:51.1 Mile Rate: 2:09.0 Margins: 50m x 2m
Last Mile: Last Half: 62.5 Last Quarter: 31.1

Trial 2
MOBILE START Class: 3A0 - T1 2080 METRES
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 SIR SONADOR Jayne Davies Tony Mallia 3MA0 3A0 3R0 1 FT
2 OVERPOWERING Michael Hughes Rick Cashman 3MA0 3A0 3R0 2 FT
3 MISS INTENSE Jennifer Lewis Jennifer Lewis TM0 T1 TR1 6 FT
4 HEIDI GO SEEK Michael Hughes Simone Walker 3MA0 3A0 3R0 3 FT
5 ROSANNA LINDY Terry Howard Terry Howard TM0 T0 TR1 5 FT
SCR BACARDI BEN Brian Kiesey 0 TM0 T0 TR0 FT
Gross Time: 2:41.1 Mile Rate: 2:04.6 Margins: 1m x HD
Last Mile: Last Half: 59 Last Quarter: 30.5

Trial 3
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 JACK WILLIAM Ray Mathews Ray Mathews M0 C1 R1 5 FT
2 SUDDEN EXPLOSION Georgina Coram Simone Walker M0 C1 R1 4 FT
3 ROYAL BETTOR Laraine McKenzie Donald Bootle M0 C0 R0 2 FT
4 RAVELLO ROCK Jayne Davies Alex Johnstone M0 C3 R3 8 FT
5 BETTORNOTGETCAUGHT NZ Terry Scanlon Tony Mallia M0 C0 R0 1 FT
6 ROSANNA RAIDER Terry Howard Terry Howard M0 C1 R2 7 FT
7 TEMPORAL JOIN Paul Stokes Paul Stokes M0 C1 R1 3 FT
8 DANSBRO Rick Cashman Rick Cashman M0 C1 R1 6 FT
Gross Time: 2:43.1 Mile Rate: 2:06.1 Margins: 1/2 HD x 7m
Last Mile: Last Half: 58.8 Last Quarter: 28.9

Trial 4
MOBILE START Class: C2 or Better 2080 METRES
Placing Horse  Trainer   Driver  Class Saddlecloth Handicap
1 CELESTIAL TREKKER Jennifer Lewis Jennifer Lewis M0 C2 R2 2 FT
2 DANMAN Rick Cashman Rick Cashman M0 C3 R5 6 FT
3 BEAU REVE Jayne Davies Alex Johnstone M0 C5 R5 7 FT
4 AWESOME CULLECT Tony Mallia Tony Mallia M0 C2 R2 3 FT
5 ROCKS ROY Michael Hughes Simone Walker M0 C2 R2 1 FT
SCR MACHABIBA NZ Brian Kiesey 0 M0 C3 R5 FT
Gross Time: 2:40.9 Mile Rate: 2:04.5 Margins: NK x 1m
Last Mile: Last Half: 58.5 Last Quarter: 29.2

DISCLAIMER: The trial results published for Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania are compiled by the host club as a service to punters. The information posted by this website is believed to be accurate at the time of publication, however there may be inaccuracies from time to time. Please consult the appropriate state controlling body or host club for official confirmation of trial results.