Industry Reminder Tongue Ties

15 December 2020

 Harness Racing Australia wishes to remind participants of the regulations regarding tongue ties which have been in effect in all States since 1 April 2020. Of particular note are the terms commercially available and designed for this purpose.

Tongue Tie Regulations

Tongue ties used must be commercially available and designed for this purpose.

 Tongue ties must meet the following specifications:


  • Made of leather or rubber (at least 15mm in width);



  • Made of lycra or neoprene (at least 50mm in width).


Please note the following points, as failure to comply with them may result in stewards applying a penalty:

  • Nylon stockings and vet wrap are not to be used.
  • Tongue ties must not be secured to either the bit or the bridle due to the risk of damage to a horse’s tongue should the bridle be dislodged in an incident.
  • Tongues which are tied must remain inside the horse’s mouth in it's usual position.
  • Tongue ties must not be applied more than 30 minutes prior to race time.
  •  Tongue ties must be removed as soon as practicable post-race.
  • Tongue plate and tongue control bits and W bits are permitted.

These regulations have been designed to deliver an outcome that HRA believes provides the appropriate balance between the safety and performance aspects of retaining the tongue tie with welfare and public expectations.

For further details, please contact your State's Integrity Department or HRA Equine Welfare Coordinator Kathleen Mullan at


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