The Last Word – Mount Eden Sprint Night

15 October 2020 | Tim Walker

Tomorrow night sees the running of the Mount Eden Sprint, taken out last year by Argyle Red, at Gloucester Park. Get the all important last word from each of the key players on the 11 event card.


  1. Michael Blakemore (GOODEALEHMADDIE): “She has the gate speed to hold up early and put herself in a forward spot. Porgressive filly and I do really like her. One to follow.”
  2. Colin Brown (AMERICAN ARMA): “Well bred filly who has the ability and is very forward.”
  3.  (Gladys Gugman)
  4. Chris Voak (STAR LILY): “Improving with each run. Each-way with a good trip.”
  5.  (Yellowroseoftexas)
  6. Aiden De Campo (SECRET REACTION): “Tough draw. Should improve on previous runs.”
  7. Emily Suvaljko (LETSDANCETONIGHT): “Connections said she’s come through her last run well. Will look to use the advantage on the two drawn to our outside.”
  8. Nathan Turvey (BETTOR BEACH BELLE): “I like the filly. Each-way with luck in running from the draw.”
  9. Shannon Suvaljko (BENESARI LANE): “Great first-up and drove her during the week a couple of times and has improved immensely. Bad draw but she’ll still go very well.”
  10. Colin Brown (JOELENE): “Another well related filly with a very good turn of speed.”
  11. Jemma Hayman (KISSED BY A ROSE): “Place chance. She will go okay.”


  1. Shannon Suvaljko (THE LAST DROP): “Great draw after working hard to lead last start over the same distance. Will lead and go very close.”
  2.  (Euphoric Moment)
  3. Aiden De Campo (THE KRAKEN): “Was really good last start and has trained on well. Drawn to be on speed. Each-way with racing luck.”
  4.  Ryan Bell (Radiant Amber): “Has really hit her best form of late. Tricky draw but 2500 is in her favour. Really good each-way chance.”
  5.  (Major Shard)
  6. Ross Olivieri (THE LAST PARISIAN): “Tough draw. He was terrific last week. Distance will suit. Place chance
  7. Lindsay Harper (BEACH SKIPPER): “The draw doesn’t help. It’s an even field. Improving every run but it’s just a tough draw.
  8.  (Be My Rock)
  9.  (Tiffany Twirl)
  10. Gary Hall Snr (ALTA INTRIGUE): “Intriguing horse. Did a tendon twice. I want to try win a city race in case he goes amiss. Needs the run. Nice trailing draw. Each-way.”
  11. Chris Voak (DIAMOND LIFE): “In good form. The journey suits. Has solid claims.”
  12. Jocelyn Young (LA SULIEMAN): “If the one leads and the 11 doesn’t go to the pegs we can be handy enough to finish top five.”


  1. Ross Olivieri (JIMMY MACK): “Good draw. Respect the two horse. It does look his race to lose though.”
  2. Aiden De Campo (BETTOR BE OSCAR): “Really happy with him first-up. Looks to get a good run from the gate.”
  3. Gary Hall Snr (MY CARBON COPY): “He’s a chance. One hard to beat. Needs soft run. Gets the right run he’s each-way.”
  4. Greg Bond (TAROONA BROMAC): “Hoping for a return to form.”
  5. Dylan Egerton-Green (OUR PERKINS): “Draw makes it tough. Will be driven sit-kick.”
  6. Nathan Turvey (BEE SEVENTEEN): “The horse is going well.”
  7. Chris Voak (TOUCH OF SUCCESS): “Drawn wide. Not sure where he’s at. Will be guided by the trainer.”
  8. Shannon Suvaljko (MATTJESTIC STAR): “Good trial on Sunday. Bad draw. Will go okay but wait until he can find the front again.”


  1. Kim Prentice (IM SOXY): “He’s much better on the fence and the way he went first-up I think if he leads he’s the one to beat.”
  2. Chris Voak (STROKE OF LUCK): “Ran well first-up from a break. Felt excellent at track work during the week. Expecting a strong performance from the favourable draw.”
  3. Gary Hall Snr (WHOZIDEAWASTHIS): “He’s a good chance. Needs everything to go his way in the run. Ran out of legs late last week. Should be improved.”
  4. Greg Bond (EL JACKO): “Can figure.”
  5. Colin Brown (PATRICKTHEPIRANHA): “Has the hood on this week. Looking for improvement.”
  6. Gary Hall Snr (ELOQUENT MACH): “He’s always chance with right run.”
  7. Shane Young (ROSIES IDEAL): “Happy with her. Expect her to be competitive.”
  8. Dylan Egerton-Green (TYLER BRETT): “Hard from the draw.”
  9. Shannon Suvaljko (ROCK ME OVER): “Has continued to race well week in week out. He will run another honest race.”
  10. Aldo Cortopassi (ROMAN AVIATOR): “It’s a good draw. Imagine the one will run the gate hard. Bit disappointing last start. Seems to have freshened up well. Expect to go well this week.”


  1. Gary Hall Snr (CHICAGO BULL): “He will lead and he’s a good miler. He’s not crossable.”
  2. Aiden De Campo (SHOCKWAVE): “Looks like an exciting race on paper. Should be fun.”
  3. Nathan Turvey (SIMBA BROMAC): “He didn’t have a lot luck last week. It’s a draw where he should be able to earn.
  4. Greg Bond (OCEAN RIDGE): “Very good chance for the novelties.”
  5. Lindsay Harper (BLETCHLEY PARK): “It looks hard with the fancies drawn one and two. Sectionals have been good. He races best when he’s driven cold and can run on strongly.
  6.  (Argyle Red)
  7. Greg Bond (VAMPIRO): “Very good chance for the novelties as well.”
  8. Aldo Cortopassi (CONVERT DENARIO): “Hard with the two favourites drawn one and two. Wil drive conservatively and see what happens.”
  9. Emily Suvaljko (VINCENZO PERUGGIA): “Very good effort first-up and would have improved with that run. Classy field. Whatever he does he will improve on.”


  1. Aiden De Campo (BAYLAN JETT): “Grows a leg in front and has the draw and gate speed to lead.”
  2. Justin Prentice (JACK FARTHING): “Will know a lot more after this run. Working well at home but racing at GP over 2500m is different to what he’s used to at Menangle. Will improve on whatever he does. Each-way.”
  3. Gary Hall Snr (MISTER BUSHIDO): “He’s an each way chance.”
  4. Corey Peterson (CANT REFUSE): “Good little race. It will be interesting to see how Justin’s goes but my bloke is working really well and should be a lot sharper. Don’t know how the race is going to be run.”
  5.  Michael Brennan (Braeview Bondi): “Just can’t seem to draw inside his main dangers. Dashed well last week. Hoping for the same this week.”
  6. Shannon Suvaljko (A BOY NAMED ROSIE): “Racing well. Good place claims again.”
  7.  (Star Armbro)
  8. Matt Scott (ALWAYS ARJAY): “Too wide a barrier.”
  9.  (Jilliby Jake)


  1.  (Crocodile Kid)
  2. Shannon Suvaljko (QTOWN RIP ROARING): “Good draw for him and been unlucky the last few starts so he’s not out of it.”
  3. Nathan Turvey (CARTER MICHEAL): “Last start for him, so I hope goes out a winner. We won’t be looking for luck.”
  4. Jocelyn Young (BETTYS LASS): “Bad draw and will find a few too good.”
  5. Brett Smith (MCARDLES GEM): “Will be driven quietly and look for improvement on last start.”
  6. Aldo Cortopassi (IM SPIDERMAN): “He went well last start. Not 100 per cent on a plan of attack.”
  7. Greg Bond (CAPTAIN KIRK): “Place at best from the draw.”
  8.  (Allwoods Rocknroll)
  9.  (Destined To Rule)
  10. Chris Voak (FREE TO AIR): “Perfec draw. Good each-way chance with luck.”
  11. Callan Suvaljko (SIGHTSEEING ANVIL): “Racing well. Will drive to how the race goes early. Then will be driven to get home.”
  12. Brett Smith (BURNING RUBBER): “Looks tough from the draw.”


  1. Shannon Suvaljko (CHARLIE EL): “Great draw for him to follow the two. Hopefully he can sit on speed and run a place.”
  2. Gary Hall Snr (LIAM NEIL): “He should lead and win. Went good Tuesday. He will keep on improving.”
  3. Aldo Cortopassi (DREAMY NIGHTS): “I think the two has enough speed. If my bloke hits the arm right though not much can hold out. If we lead he’s a realistic chance. Hard if he doesn’t.”
  4. Ryan Warwick (LIGHTNING JOLT): “Will need luck. Let’s hope it’s all good.”
  5.  (Bob Wheel)
  6. Chris Voak (MARQUISARD): “Tricky draw. Has been track working well enough. Novelty hope first-up from a break.”
  7.  (Tanaka Eagle)
  8.  (Ideal Investment)
  9.  (Sokys Bigbullet)
  10. Lindsay Harper (THEREUGO): “The last two months he’s been going ordinary. We’ve been pulling our hair out. I thought he was on the way back two runs back. I thought he would win last start before he locked wheels. The draw isn’t his cup of tea. I think he’s back but I’d like a front line draw.”
  11. Dylan Egerton-Green (HOIHO): “Racing well. Needs luck to go his way.”
  12.  (Be On Guard)


  1. Chris Voak (ROMAN ART): “Won well last week. Had plenty left. Perfect draw in a rise in grade. Solid hope.”
  2. Ross Olivieri (QUICK STRIDE): “Place chance with some winning hope. Should get the run of the race.”
  3.  (Henwood Bay)
  4. Stephen Reed (LORD ROSCO): “If he can find the lead he’s a solid chance.”
  5. Aldo Cortopassi (ART TUTOR): “We will come off the arm and have a look. The breeze would be perfect. Going well, he just needs the breaks to go his way.
  6. Aiden De Campo (MARAS ACE MAN): “Distance suits. Draw hurts but he will run a good race.”
  7. Callan Suvaljko (ROCKNROLL WHITBY): “Will go back and take shortcuts. Racing well but the draw hurts him.”
  8.  (Black Jack Zac)


  1. Callan Suvaljko (SUZIES GEM): “Supposed to be working well. Has the draw so I will be taking advantage of that.”
  2. Shannon Suvaljko (VIVERE DAMORE): “Great draw for her. She can lead and win. She’s peaking at the moment. Unlucky last start and jumped off last week and told Tilly (Peter Tilbrook) she will win next start. I’ll see if I’m on the mark.”
  3. Matt Scott (C C CHEVRON): “Racing well. Knock out hope.”
  4.  Bailey McDonough (Thejewelinhereye): “Will save her up and she will be running on.”
  5. Aiden De Campo (AMERICAN DELIGHT): “Had a freshen-up and is working well at home. Each-way with racing luck.”
  6. Aiden De Campo (DELIGHTFULREACTION): “Never runs a bad race. Needs things to go her way though.”
  7. Chris Voak (QUEEN SHENANDOAH): “Racing well. This looks a suitable assignment. Each-way chance with average.”
  8. Emily Suvaljko (TALKERUP): “Will go forward out of the gate. Is racing enough to be competitive in this field.”
  9. Jocelyn Young (HAS NO FEAR): “Expect her to run well. Bad draw but a small field. If there’s speed on she can run into the money.”


  1.  (Sax Player)
  2. Aldo Cortopassi (GENERAL JOLT): “We will come off the arm and drive the race as it happens. I don’t think I can push him early as he broke two starts ago and got out of gear.”
  3. Lindsay Harper (MIDDLEPAGE): “He’s a progressive type. Learning the ropes still. Had three runs back from being gelded. He ran second to Luke Edwards’ nice three-year-old. He should’ve won next start from barrier one but broke at the start. Then he chased soho Hamilton to a head. If he leads give them something to chase here.”
  4.  (Stormyskyes)
  5. Jocelyn Young (WARRIORS LEGACY): “Tricky draw but is improving. Will drive him quietly and he should be hitting the line strong.”
  6. Kyle Harper (MEDIEVAL MAN): “Tough draw. Might be coming to the end of his campaign.”
  7. Chris Voak (HOTFOOT IT): “Interesting runner. Savaged the line last run and felt great. Could run a very cheeky race.”
  8. Stephen Reed (POCKET THE CASH): “Tough from the draw. Place chance.”
  9. Aiden De Campo (BLUE CHIP ADDA): “Really good run last week. Will be improved from the run. Just needs a genuine tempo and she shouldn’t be too far away.”
  10. Gary Hall Snr (THE IDEAL TOUCH): “The draw hasn’t helped. He can win it though.


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