NSW - Trainer Stood Down - Mr Malcolm Locke

15 October 2020

The LGC laboratory in the United Kingdom has advised HRNSW that recombinant human erythropoietin has been detected in an out of competition blood sample taken from TUNGSTEN TERROR at the registered training establishment of licensed Trainer Mr Malcolm Locke on Wednesday 2 September 2020.


The “B” sample will be sent for confirmation.


Acting under the provisions of Australian Harness Racing Rule 183, HRNSW Stewards have suspended the Trainer’s licence of Mr Malcolm Locke.


Mr Locke provided submissions to HRNSW Stewards as to why the provisions of AHRR 183 should not be imposed.


Acting under the provisions of Rule 183A, it was also determined that TUNGSTEN TERROR, the horse subject of the certificate, shall not be nominated or compete in any race until the outcome of an inquiry or investigation.


In making these decisions, HRNSW took into account that AHRR 191 (1) provides that a single certificate of analysis by an approved laboratory shall constitute prima facie evidence of the presence of a prohibited substance.


In addition, given the extremely serious nature of the substance and that the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory (ARFL) had also detected the presence of an Erythropoeisis Stimulating Agent in the initial screen, HRNSW considered that interests relating to the integrity of the industry and public confidence in the industry required that it impose the suspension pending the outcome of further analytical testing and investigation by HRNSW.


Mr Locke has not been charged with any breach of the Australian Harness Racing Rules and has been advised of his rights of appeal against the imposition of Rule 183.

 HRNSW Stewards have commenced an investigation into this sample result and an Inquiry will be scheduled in due course.