HRA Breeding Reforms: "Better for Everyone"

25 September 2020

By definition, breeders are inherently optimistic, but with the 2020/21 breeding season now in full swing, Harness Racing Australia (HRA) has been particularly buoyed by the positive responses and messages flowing from all parts of the industry.

Recent amendments to Australia’s Breeding Rules and change to the Racing Season have been overwhelmingly popular changes.

Adding his voice to the chorus of support, boutique breeder and Harness Breeders Victoria (HBV) Committee Member, Chris Lang Jnr., said he doesn’t see any negatives regarding these reforms.  “I think the changes are good for our Stallions, good for our Mares and particularly good for the yearling sale vendors.

“It seems that prices have been suppressed at the Sales in recent times, and I feel that’s because we’ve become boring with our breeding by following the in-crowd and producing a “glut” of the same horses for the Sales each year, reducing competition in the ring.

“There are A-grade stallions who are not considered fashionable, so never get their chance.  These new Rules create opportunity by levelling the playing field, which will create more interest in the Sales, while the new Racing Season means the pressure is off to breed an early foal.  So, it’s better for everyone”, he said.

Note: Harness Racing Australia (HRA), being representative of all State Controlling Bodies and Principal Harness Racing Clubs, considers and arrives at industry-focussed decisions which it believes to be in the best interests of the Australian harness racing industry - without fear or favour. 

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