The Future Is Here

08 September 2020


Harness Racing Australia (HRA) have recently announced big changes to the Breeding and Racing seasons, with new reforms designed to help grow the local harness racing industry and the long-term sustainability of the sport.

The 2020/21 Breeding Season kicked off last Tuesday and the restrictions on the use Stallions and frozen semen will continue to invigorate the local breeding industry.

While still only early in the season, the overwhelming response has been extremely positive. 

Owner, Breeder and Haras Des Trotteurs Principal, Mr Pat Driscoll, made his views about the new rules abundantly clear in a recent letter published on

HRA CEO Andrew Kelly commented, “It’s not just the larger operations expressing their support for the changes, many smaller breeders, such as Mr Steve Dickson at Llewellyn Park, are bullish about the future and the benefits it will bring to smaller stud owners and lesser light stallions who have been regularly overlooked in an industry dominated by large, commercially influential operations.

As the industry enters a new era, everyone at HRA extend their best wishes to all breeders for a successful season ahead.”

The change to the racing season, also announced last Tuesday, hasn’t been as hotly debated, but common sense has prevailed and the positives certainly outweigh the negatives.

The HRA Executive team are constantly looking to grow, promote and develop the Harness Racing Industry in Australia and the sport will need to change to adapt to the constantly changing environment.

For further information, please contact Andrew Kelly on +61 3 9227 3000.