Pinjarra Paceway - Float entry

03 September 2020

Pinjarra Paceway reminds all trainers that the southern gate along South West Highway has reopened for horse floats and trucks  to enter the Paceway ONLY

IMPORTANT - Entry must be via the south, so if you are coming form the north you MUST go down to the roundabout past the track and enter the track gate on the left hand side.

Entry is not permitted coming from the north under any circumstances

No cars/vehicles not towing a horse float or a truck will be allowed entry via this gate.

All cars/vehicles must enter the Paceway from the main gate as per normal off Paceway Court

All cars/vehicles, horse floats and trucks are required to leave the Paceway via the main entrance off Paceway Court

Please note – The above gate usage rules are a directive form Main Roads WA and failure to comply is likely to result in the WA Police issuing fines and a loss of demerit points for non-compliance

If you have any questions please contact the Harness Racing Manager, Dale Putland on 0424 145 910 who will be more than happy to provide you further advice or assistance