QLD - Track Resurfacing Notice (Albion Park, Redcliffe & Marburg)

28 August 2020

Track resurfacing will take place at Albion Park, Redcliffe and Marburg throughout September.  While there will be no disruption to the racing schedule at Marburg, the racing schedule at both Redcliffe and Albion Park will be impacted.   The following are the details.

Redcliffe Track Resurfacing


  • 4 September  to 11 September (back racing on 16 September)

Meeting Changes:

  • The meeting scheduled for Wednesday 9 September will now be run at Albion Park on Monday (Day) 7 September.
  • The meetings scheduled for Thursday 10 September will be transferred to Albion Park on the same day.

Albion Park Resurfacing


  • 20 September to 25 September (back racing on 26 September)

Meeting Changes:

  • The meetings scheduled for Tuesday 22 September will be transferred to Redcliffe on the same day.
  • The meeting scheduled for Friday 25 September will be transferred to Redcliffe on the same day (night meeting).

With respect to training at each of the venues when the respective resurfacing projects are being undertaken, trainers are asked to contact the clubs directly.